Kanji ウィル・オ・ウィスプ
Rōmaji U~iru o u~isupu
Community Information
Leader Willa-the-Ignis-Fatuus
Total Members Unknown
Type Community
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 7 - Someone Might Get All Kissy with Asuka in the Dark?


A community that leads many lost spirits and takes them under their wing. Jack helps to guide and protect them in atonement of his sins.

Though they may be the best Community of the low levels that is famed for their crafted merchandise, it is also hinted that their Community is poor and in shambles due to the constant and persistent attacks from Maxwell.


North. Community currently located in the 6 digit gate number #678900


They were first mentioned in Episode 7 - Someone Might Get All Kissy with Asuka in the Dark? but the battle between Kasukabe You and Ayesha, one of the members of Will-O-Wisp, that was the offical first appearance.



In an Alliance with No Name, Perseus, Six Scars where they are also part of the production chain in Diamond Ore smelting and repairs of Gifts.

They also aspire to provide a good environment for lost souls to grow up and develop properly as part of their atonements as Demon Lords: Jack, Fatuus.

Flag design

Raging flames emblazon the flag.


Ignis Fatuus is the cover page character of Volume 7.

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