I see... Summon the Dragon
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Yō Kasukabe in the cover of the third volume」
Volume Third volume
Kanji そう……巨龍召喚
Rōmaji Sō…… Kyoryū Shōkan
Vital Statistics
Release Date November 1st, 2011
Written by Tarō Tatsunoko
Illustrated by Yū Amano
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I see... Summon the Dragon (そう……巨龍召喚?) is the third volume of the Mondaiji-tachi Light Novel series.


Book Summary

The alliance “Draco Greif” sent an invitation from the South, said to be inhabited by many mythical beasts, for a harvest festival. The three problem children, who were arguing over how many days they can spend in the Southern district, decided to settle the matter with a game! After the game, as Black Rabbit and the others were travelling towards the Southern district, they came across a new species of plant —— “Black★Rabbit Eater”, resulting in Black Rabbit surprise attacked by tentacles?! Also, in the middle of the festival, they were attacked by the revenants of a supposed-annihilated demon lord —— an army of giants attacked the Southern district! Besides, the secret of one of the problem children (who would that be?) shall be revealed!


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  • Chapter 4
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  • Chapter 8
  • Epilogue
  • Epilogue 2
  • Afterwords

Character Appearances

New Characters

Shirayuki-hime (Official Appearance)

Sala Doltrake



Baron La Croix

Saigou Homura

Ayazato Suzuka





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