Oh dear, a Declaration of War by a Demon Lord?
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Asuka Kudō in the cover of the second volume」
Volume Second volume
Kanji あら、魔王襲来のお知らせ?
Rōmaji Ara, Maō Shūrai no Oshirase?
Vital Statistics
Release Date July 1st, 2011
Written by Tarō Tatsunoko
Illustrated by Yū Amano
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Oh dear, a Declaration of War by a Demon Lord? (あら、魔王襲来のお知らせ??) is the second volume of the Mondaiji-tachi Light Novel series. The volume is adapted into episodes 6-10 of the animated adaptation.


In Japanese


In English (Direct Translation)

「Maou! Defeat!」 To "No Name", a promise dropped in and was able to get an invitation to the birthday festival of the north's fire dragon. There was a prophecy that the Demon Lord will come there. Never easy, of course our problem children are heading north and is up to Black Rabbit to put up.

Book Summary

The No Names who claimed 「Let's defeat the Demon Lords!」 received an invitation to go to the North for the 「Rise of the Fire Dragon」 festival. There was a prophecy that a Demon Lord will attack, hence the eastern floor master, Shiroyasha, invited the No Names to the festival. Saying "this sounds interesting", the problem children ditched Black Rabbit, and headed towards the North, even leaving behind a message writing: "If you are unable to catch us by today, the three of us will leave the community!" W-What were these idiots thinking?! What should Black Rabbit do?!


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