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YES! Rabbit Called You!
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Black Rabbit in cover of the first volume」
Volume First volume
Kanji YES!ウサギが呼びました!
Rōmaji YES! Usagi ga Yobimashita!
Vital Statistics
Release Date April 1st, 2011
Written by Tarō Tatsunoko
Illustrated by Yū Amano
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YES! Rabbit Called You! (YES!ウサギが呼びました!?) is the first volume of the Mondaiji-tachi Light Novel series.


Growing tired of his original world, Izayoi Sakamaki received an invitation letter. When he saw the content writing: “Cast aside everything, and come forth to our ‘Little Garden’ ”, what awaits him was a perfect another world! Before his eyes was a quiet girl with a cat, an arrogant mistress, and the culprit who summoned the three of them —— Black Rabbit. When Black Rabbit was explaining about ‘Little Garden’ and it’s rules, Izayoi Sakamaki abruptly declared: “Let’s beat up the demon lords!” What are you saying!? Black Rabbit did not summon you for something like this!! What would be the future of Black Rabbit and the three super problem children?


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