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I haven't really been active on this wiki for a while, but I'd like to get feedback from members of this community. I'd be glad to help if someone needs them.

Current To-do List

You might think it is weird when I have a to-do list... since one of my classmates think I'm weird to have a to-do list in the first place.

  • Anymore templates to establish a new Wiki figure?


About me on other wikis: I am a founder of two wikis, a rollback trying to aim for sysop rights on one wiki, an admin on a Chinese wiki, and an admin on this wiki. I have been as admin on about 5 wikis, and on two wikis currently trying to aim for sysop rights because I have contributed quite a lot now.


"You are friendly, caring, outgoing, sharing, and more likely to be a kind of person who would participate in any other events with your friends. You often get depressed for a heartbroken friend or is sad about family issues, but your heart remains the same for a happy life." -Bub

"You act like any real leader and cares for your siblings or friends. You often wants to impress people with your skills, especially to your teaclher or a parent. You really care about your grades whether hanging out. You take your time to study and is very cautious over it." -Bloss

"You are sometimes stubborn and reckless. But deep inside you, you want to show and express things out. You are strong and wants to prove that you could show them you could protect them. You think crying for a situation is useless and often gets left out. Sometimes you show good team relationship." -Butter

"Because you use much out of your knowledge and logic, you don't necessarily have a flat brain, but a very kind brain that will help their own family. You are loved by people and folks around town. You want to complete and achieve things by your own, and you never want to make any accidents." -Prof

Because you have a very scientific brain, you are an evil genius who loves destruction and your or their own kids. You never give up and is always determined to complete your goals. You often get teased but you have a brave heart. You also sometimes couldn't control yourself over little and big things." -Moj

"Because you have potential athletic abilities, you have a way of thinking with your teammates and so do you! You will have to rely on people you trust. Though sometimes you might have been rejected or doesn't express too much, but you have the nicest smile." -Butter

"Because of your leadership skills, you act like a group or friend's leaders. Though you can be the head of the team, all you really care about is to study and learn. You are thankful for the free education you achieved and works very hard. You don't often hang around." -Bloss

"Because of your warm-heart and many other actions, you have a way of sense than many of your siblings or relatives, and you takes care of them by making them breakfast and others. You come in handy at all times. You have many friends and are sometimes popular." -Bub