Two Wings
Community Information
Leader Griffith
Total Members not mentioned
Type Southern Community of Hippogriffs
First Appearance


A sub Community of the Draco Greif Alliance, comprised of Hippogriffs and other Eudemons. Stymphalian birds are new members that have joined its ranks and they have the ability to spew poison fog from their beaks.



Appearance of Flag/Emblem

Two wings.


Griffith the leader

All other members were too insignificant, having been defeated in a stroke each by Kasukabe You...

Stymphalian birds are now the core members of this Community.

Achievements/ Goals

Griffith managed to get his butt handed to him by the No Names. And his members accepted it quietly when he had left [Underwood]


Hippogriffs are eagle+ horse. Similar to that of a Gryphon, but the lion part is substituted with a horse's rear.

From Wikipedia: Stymphalian birds were man-eating birds with beaks of bronze and sharp metallic feathers that could be launched at their victims. With high levels of toxicity in their dung. Region of origin: Acardia...


Too insignificant to have a picture.

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