Sun Armor

The Sun Armor

A divine Gift that Kuro Usagi received from one of her race's 12 patron gods. It shines with the light of the sun and is said to make the wearer immortal.


The light it emits is exactly the same as the Sun and was effective against Black Death that was casted by Percher . It is also said to grant the wearer immortality.

However, it cannot be used with Indra's Spear, causing the loss of the user's divinity as seen in Volume 6 of the light novel. 



The sun armor might be a reference to the armor worn by Karna, the demi-god son of the sun god, Surya, in the Hindu epic Mahābhārata.

However, he was later tricked by the king of the gods, Indra, into giving up the armor to him, and was granted his spear as compensation. This might also be why the Sun Armor and Spear of Indra can not be used simultaneously, as neither Indra nor Karna wielded the two items at the same time.