Underwood was attacked by a Demon Lord and managed to recover after 10 years. The Underwood Great Water Tree Spirit(8000years old) is injured and still recuperating. The Harvest Festival is now rehosted once more after a 10 year rebuilding plan put together by the Draco Greif Alliance.

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A huge city built around and under the Giant Water Tree. It has much customs taken from the Irish culture. The water that poured out of the gigantic water Tree cascaded pass its lower branches to fall into the city below. Following the crystal decorated canals constructed under those spots, the fierce and lively flow would then travel to the various interiors of the city. The sprawling roots of the Great Tree also extended outwards, seemingly with the will to cover the entire Underground City. The canals that were constructed on the fissures that ran through the ground due to the root action were reinforced with greenish crystals. The giant Water Tree as well as the Underground City constructed by the excavation of the river bank. The combination of the two regions was what people generally refered to as [Underwood]. The Underground City that was excavated like a bowl-shaped depression in the ground was expanding its excavations along the tree roots. The underground city that’s located near the river was most likely safe from floods and storms due to the protection of the roots.

Communities in the South

  • AVALON- former Floor Master

Draco Greif Alliance and its allied Communities


Sala Doltrake is the Floor Master.

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