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A Trader community situated in the south of Little Garden. They own a cafe in Little Garden, Outer Gate number: 2105380, Inner Wall. Due to their community being in the south, Fores Garo could not take over.

A community that has lots of manpower and specializes in commerce. It has also ties with many other Communities in order to have smoother trade and more customers. Garol Gundark was the leader of the Community before he started a round of games to see which of his children is eligible to be the next successor. And it was won by Porol Gundark, his twenty-fifth child and the youngest of all.






In an Alliance with PerseusWill-O-WispNo Name, where they are the manpower for the mining of Diamon Iron Ore, the ones to provide Gifts for battle purposes and money in exchange for No Name's protection in any Demon Lord games.


The cafe is forced to give customers of No Name a discount on every visit for having their spy(Carol) exposed.

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