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Saigou Homura
Kanji 西郷 焔(さいごう ほむら)
Rōmaji Saigou Homura
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 10 (Mondaiji)

15 (Last Embryo)

Personal Status
Gift(s) Thousand Magics (Proto Idea). Proto-Keraunos. Khavrenah (As Azi Dahaka's host)
Organization Canaria Foster Home
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume 3

Saigou Homura (西郷 焔 Saigou Homura) is a young boy from the Canaria Foster Home. Homura was the one whom made Izayoi's headphones. After Izayoi disappeared five years prior in his world, Homura made contact with Kudou Ayato and works with her to remake his deceased father's research.


Homura looks remarkably similar to Izayoi, bearing the same violet eyes and blond hair. However his hairstyle is a tad different, the bangs parted to the sides, and several strands atop his head sticking up. In volumes 3 and 8 it was stated he wore glasses, and in his official art he is seen holding a pair of small, rectangle, red frame glasses.

Homura wears an oversized white, buttoned shirt. When using the Proto Kervanos he rolls up his sleeves. Dark magenta, cat ear headphones with black speakers hang around his neck. In his breast pocket sits a small, rectangle music player. A red jacket is tied around Homura's waist. Homura wears brown pants and plain white sneakers.


Homura is an incredibly smart child, being said to have a massive ability in [understanding], [reassembling] and [creativity] skills. Though Homura was quite a laconic person, when it came to the creation of daily necessities or equipment, he would give it a passion that shouldn’t have been found in a child. He is also respectful to those around him, using suffix's when necessary. As a child Homura loved to play games and would even continue playing them when warned not to, such as when he was playing on a GameBoy when walking through the hospital.

As a teenager though, Homura could be described as the "Honor Student" with a bit of childishness to him. Suzuka stated Homura liked all kinds of vehicles and in the past used to work on plastic models with Izayoi in a small competition. Though he worked as a scientist, he believes in mythology as there is no explaination of how gifts are produced or how they exist. Homura may not look it, but he can also be easily envious of other people due to his situation.  

For example, he is jealous of Izayoi's journey in Little Garden when Izayoi told him about his journey over the phone. Though this might be more of justified intent as Homura does not hate Izayoi for leaving the Foster Home in it's situation but rather that Izayoi was able to live so carefree.

As he grew older, Homura developed a large sense of responsibility, taking it upon himself to try and keep the orphanage running, even if it meant he had to give his life to another. At the same time he also grew to be quite cunning. Homura displays an incredible level of loyalty and devotion to his family as he made sure that, even after being missing for five years, Izayoi's room was clean should he ever return to the orphanage. This also shows that Homura was a bit hurt in Izayoi leaving them, but accepted it as it was part of his demeanor. He can also be a little dirty minded as a growing child but still displays a sort of obliviousness.


Sakamaki Izayoi - As one of the children of the foster home created by Canaria, Homura had a fair relationship with Izayoi. Homura created the cat ear headphones and used Izayoi as an advertisement for the possibility of creating more. Homura looked up to Izayoi and was treated like a brother by him. Though ever since he met Izayoi after 5 years, he has been rude to him regardless of the situation. Calling him a bastard or even using vulgarities like, yet still, it seems as if he's attracted to him in some way.

Asshole or Bastard.

This could possibly mean that Homura was disappointed that Izayoi vanished.

In truth Homura is Izayoi's little brother by blood.

Ayazato Suzuka - Another child of the Canaria Foster Home, and one he is always seen with. Suzuka is a year younger than him but the two treat each other like a real brother and sister.

Canaria - The head of the Orphanage that cared and took in Homura. Homura looked up to her and adored her incredibly and was hurt that she had passed away. Even after a year of her passing Homura still had trouble grasping that she was really gone.

Tokuteru Mikado -

Homura has the tendency to call Mikado 'uncle', much to the latter's annoyance. Even so Homura trusts Mikado as the manager for the orphanage, even if Mikado comes to him to borrow money when Homura is in debt.

Kudou Ayato -

Ayato is the one whom Homura gave his life to. The reason for this was because of her proposal; recreate his Father's research and she would make sure her family would fund the Canaria Foster Home and prevent it from closing down. Homura often calls her Ayato-sama or Ayato-ojousama. When Ayato was injured Homura panicked, trying to find ways to help heal her. In the end he injected one of the samples of the nano-machines into her body to keep her alive. Homura noted that Ayato was one of the very few people he could trust.

Black Rabbit -

Black Rabbit introduced Homura to the world of Little Garden, or more specifically [Underwood] as he was summoned there alongside Ayato and Suzuka.

Queen Halloween -

Queen Halloween sent an email to Homura to invite him to Little Garden. Originally he believed it to be a spam mail, but at Ayato's urging he activated the email. The queen is the one who ended up saving the trio in the end. Though Homura was initially grateful for her saving him, after seeing how she was his gratitude for her was all he had for her. She's also the one that is training Homura now for the Sun Authority Gift Game.


Homura's parents died 11 years prior to the starting from the story of Last Embryo. Making him 4 years old when he lost his family. Then later he was adopted by a coordinate of his father. But the man left him behind after Homura succeed in what the man couldn't do last time. Leaving Homura all alone. He was later adopted by Canaria, but it was not stated when.

Homura is one of the many gifted children of the Canaria Foster Home. He arrived one day and has since been under the orphanage's care. He is the one who made Izayoi's headphones, though he did not have the intention of them being a pair of cat ear headphones.

When Izayoi returned to the Home after a year of absence, Homura gave Izayoi another pair for him to wear as Izayoi was his walking advertisement. He gave another pair to Izayoi, but these ones had cat ears on them. Homura adjusted them and returned them to Izayoi.

Part 1 - Mondaiji-tachi

Volume 12

Part 2 - Last Embryo

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

It has been revealed that Homura is in fact the avatar of no other than the Last Embryo Azi Dahaka himself.

Gifts and Abilities


Thousand Magic (Proto Idea): The ability to recreate the things that he had destroyed or disassembled. Though he can only understand the structure of the things but not what the things are made of.

Proto Keravnos: The Axe shown on the cover page of Last Embryo 2. The strongest weapon out of the weapons hold by the twelve zodiacs. It was able to summon thousands of streams of thunder and are able to store an infinite amount of electricity. Swinging it randomly is strong enough to cleave mountains and split the seas.

Avatar of Last Embryo

As the host of Demon King Azi Dahaka , Homura possessed immense powers and Gifts, to the point that he can even use original abilities of Azi Dahaka himself. So far he have shown abilities in last Embryo 4 such as:

Superhuman strength: After possessed by Azi Dahaka, Homura can easily own and brutality beat down Krishna that he can not even defend himself. Homura can throw him at Third Cosmic Velocity, causing him to crash through seven mountains at the same time.

Superhuman speed: Homura capable of moving at superhuman speed, not even Krishna can keep up with him.

Superhuman durability: Although Homura's body is just like any normal human being, however with Azi Dahaka's possession he can withstand lethal attacks. Such as when his Khvarenah and Krishna's Pashupati clashed, the body of Homura was still intact although he also received some major bruises as the after-effect.


  • Khvarenah (Halo of the Supreme Ruler): Azi Dahaka's second trump card, according to legends capable of destroying one-third of the world, the summoning which condensed the triggering force of Eschatology, its manifestation is a flame Gift. When Azi Dahaka fought Kasukabe You in her Quetzalcoatl form, the clash between them created for hurricanes which could perish all human population in cities and towns plus can destroy the balance of the world. His "Khvarenah" had shown to be capable of overwhelming You's Primordial Flame. Being known as the strongest of lightning fire element "Khvarenah", the abyss of Gehenna can be burned without mercy. He could have killed Leticia even she already became Solar Dragon with this Gift.
    • In Last Embryo 4, HomuDahaka used Khvarenah to oppose Krishna's technique, the Polar Star of the End - Pashupati. After the clash, HomuDahaka forced Krishna to flee away.
  • Dragon's Shadow: Similar to Leticia, Azi Dahaka can create multiple shadow blades from his wings that can cut through enemies into mincemeat at high speed. The shadow blades easily slash Izayoi's body, each blades packed enough power for an instant kill and it can decapitate Izayoi if he didn't dodge quickly. These blades can even slice Kouryuu to shreds. His Dragon's Shadow is much superior to Leticia's.
    • In Last Embryo 4, HomuDahaka manifested his Dragon's Shadow again. He used his shadows to shatter seven Krishna's chakram with just one bite, each chakram packed enough power to cut mountains and rivers.

Natural Abilities

Keen Intellect: As explained Homura possessed an above average intellect, practically being a genius. With his Gift Homura is able to understand the structure of items and able to reconstruct them to the original form. At the age of 15, Homura is clearly working as a scientist to recreate his father's research, adding to his basic understanding of how systems work.


"You know Iza-nii?"


"Eh? You are not denying that this is a man-made event?"

"...... Ayato-san, please be quiet."

"....I see. Thank you for your kindness, Her Royal Majesty."

"I was still wondering where you went for the past 5 years, heh, I did not expect that you actually went exploring to a different world, I would have been rendered speechless, but due to it being much alike to your demeanor, instead, I accepted it. Then there is what? You actually tamed a loli that has rabbit ears and the big breast Shiraiyuki-Hime, and helped a city developed by using all your efforts? Though the fact that you abandoned us does not make us feel a bit of grudge, but the fact that you yourself was playing in such interesting and weird world with freedom and freed from responsibilities, I am not jealous about it bastard......!!!" Homura complains about Izayoi's Journey in Little Garden over the phone.

"This is the end."

"My life...I give it to you Ayato-san!"


  • Homura's last name Saigou is a homophone for a word associated with Dystopia Demon Lord. 西郷 焔 > 西業 > 西業の焔 = Saigou Homura > karma/foundation of the west > flame of the west.
  • Homura currently owes Ayato three favors.
  • Queen Halloween states that Homura might become a disciple who Scathach would be mostly biased to.

Saigou Homura was stated on the prologue of Last Embryo Volume 3 to be the "Child of Zoroastrinism".