Porol Gundark
「Alliance Negotiation Table, Carol in background」
Biographical Information
Species Kemono
Gender Male
Age around 12, Jin's age
Personal Status
Occupation leader
Organization Six Scars
First Appearance


The twenty-fifth child of Garol, current leader of Six Scars at Volume 5. A Game was held to decide the leader chosen from the twenty five children that Garol had. And he, the youngest son came out tops.


His eyes are always described to have a larger portion of white than darken by the iris. And within those whites, it is said to have a sly mischievous glint. Bespectacled with round frames. He likes to grin in a way that makes him seem feral as his sharp teeth are shown quite often.


Haughty but rightly so since he managed to be the leader at that age and being the last child that beat all the other older siblings in the candidate games. He enjoys having the negotiation with Jin because it is a rare chance to meet another of the same age in Community conferences.


Jin Russell- Their Communities are in an Alliance that makes No Name seem like mercenaries while Six Scars are their lords. But the details are actually to Jin's favour if you read the light novel.

Garol Gundark- dad, previous leader

Carol Gundark- elder sister



not revealed yet. But being in a trading Community, they have lots of Gift cards that they supply to the No Names.


He likes to note how Jin argues a strong point and end with self doubt.



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