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When Little Garden was just created and many of the gods/ buddhas/ demigods/demons/ spirits etc were fighting one another in the upper echelons of Little Garden over the top positions and the Authorities that were available(ie. Sun Authorities and even Star Authorities), the lower levels of Little Garden were left to fend for themselves as the evil Demon Lords preyed upon them and enslaved many  Outer Gates under their rule.

Then, all the slavery was put to an end by the arrival of the [Knights of Little Garden], the Vampire race who took it upon themselves to eradicate the Demon Lords who oppressed the lower levels for they wanted Little Garden which was their haven to be at peace. When everything had calmed down after the Game for the Authorities had ended, the eradication had also progressed quite smoothly. Hence they set up the system of [Floor Masters] who would help to protect the lower levels in the North,South, East, West sectors of Little Garden and an [Overall Floor Master] chose them from the Communities in each sector.

And the first ever [Overall Floor Master] is none other than Leticia Draculea.

Known Overall Floor Masters

  • Shiroyasha
  • Leticia Draculea

Powers associated to the Overall Floor Master

1x Sun Authority

1x temporary freed up position in the 4 digit regions

Authority to choose the new set of Floor Masters