Description of Outer Gate

An Outer Gate is a little region within the bounds of the Gate. In other words, it is similar to a small state. A Community that is the strongest in the Outer Gate will become the Region Master . And the OuterGate is a land shared amongst many Communities.

There's only two types of land in Outer Gates: Free Districts and Community Grounds. 

Free District

Free districts are open to all for commerce, recreational purposes, gossip, just like any other market place. It is where Communities are free to linger around in the area to relax in cafes and such.The renting system of the shophouses are not clear but it might be under the control of the Region or Floor Master.

Supposedly, these areas are not to be controlled by threats or physical/magical abuse.

Community Grounds

This is a territorial ground owned and watched by the Community that owns it. The size of the Community Ground can expand with its influence and the Community Flag is supposed to be hung around its perimeter.

The Community Grounds has/ can have these areas:

  • Farmlands
  • Stage District
  • Residential District
  • Headquaters/ Main building

Not very sure how this works, might need to re read Volume 1 a few more times to work it out. But basic outline is posted up here for editing in the future.

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