Maids are a special group of people in Communities that support the main Gift players with the planning and tidying up of the smaller menial tasks for their [Masters].

Job Description


 A top notch maid must possess:

  • one or two hissatsu wazas and
  • must also master up to forty-eight or sometimes up to a hundred and eighty techniques as well as
  • the trump card of staying out of sight. 

That’s the minimum of requirements. As long as the master requests for it:

  • from just the preparation of tea,
  • cooking,
  • washing the laundry,
  • sweeping and dusting etc. ,
  • basic chores of housekeeping and
  • caring for the vegetable gardens,
  • helping with the change of clothes,
  • all the above and other qualities like providing wisdom,
  • the drawing up of strategies and
  • stuff like assassinations to duels and
  • execute all tasks perfectly.

And that’s the true essence of being a maid.

Hence we can see that the position of Maids in Little Garden is a very tough one that exceeds the task of any other Garden positions.

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