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Kudou Ayato
Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 14 (Last Embryo)
Personal Status
Organization Canaria Foster Home
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume 12

Kudou Ayato (久遠 彩人 Kudō Ayato) is one of the lead characters for Part 2 of Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yo? Last Embryo.


Ayato has shoulder-length blonde hair that has bangs parted to the side with one part in the middle and blue eyes.


Ayato is a kind-hearted girl who is very confident in her swordsmanship. Within the trio, Saigou Homura, Ayazato Suzuka and herself, she usually acts as the straight-man of the trio, correcting every mistake one of the trio made and scolds them when they are not serious about the situation they are in.

When she is angered, she would not show her true feeling outside of her. Instead, one could judge that she is furious by looking into her eyes when she is speaking towards the one she is angry with, though her tone of speech remains calm that no man would thought that she is angered. One example would be when Homura stole some money from Everything Company's finance. After he tried to run away but was caught up by Prit and Ayato, Ayato steps down gracefully while saying about how nice the weather is. Though she sounds caring, with a smile from her lips. Her eyes does not look as caring as her other features. Instead, she stared at Homura silently. She can be easily flustered when people talks about how beautiful and seductive she is with her body. She tried to object about their views, but is usually ineffective.

She is also very confused at how she still kept her personality after she got reincarnated as Faceless, referring it as a miracle.


Saigou Homura -  

They first met 2 years ago when Canaria Foster Home lose their last patron. Homura is her senior in school and also the employee of hers. He became her employee was due to her proposal to recreate his Father's research and she would make sure her family would fund Canaria Foster Home and prevent it from closing down. Thus, indirectly, she 'bought' Homura's life. She is also worried about the possibility of Homura becoming a 'Last Embryo' when she first met him, discussing with Mikado right after the meeting with Homura.

Ayazato Suzuka -

Suzuka is her best friend in school and also the Student Council President of the school. They were close enough that Suzuka refers Ayato as 'Aya-chan' without any objection from the called.

Tokuteru Mikado -

Queen Halloween -

Black Rabbit -

Shiroyasha -


Kudou Ayato, the junior of Saigou Homura, and a good friend with Ayazato Suzuka in school. The daughter of the boss in the 'Everything Company'. Thus able to inherit a large amount of finance.

She is actually the little sister of Kudou Asuka. After she died, she became faceless and was trained by Scathach. While training, she became the bodyguard for Queen Halloween and also one of Queen Halloween's favorite.

After she was killed by Kudou Asuka in volume 12, she reincarnated as Kudou Ayato.

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  • "Keeping a woman waiting, such a hopeless Senpai."
  • "Thank you for your hardwork, Homura-senpai. May I interrupt you for a little moment?"
  • "Which is that...... Around Senpai...... Are there any incredible thing that had happened around you?"
  • "Umm....May I ask, are there any strategies? Senpai..?"
  • "....Senpai? Have you been summoned by Queen again?"


  • The name Ayato means "color" (彩) (aya) and "person" (人) (to).
  • Ayato's surname Kudou means "long time" (久) (ku) and "distant" (遠) (dou).


  • Ayato is the cover girl of Last Embryo 1
  • Homura also owes Ayato 3 favors as he stole some money from the company to buy a 55-inch Tv for the foster home and he was found out by Ayato in the end, although she did said that trying to cover it by only putting in 3 favors are cheap for what he had done