Knights of Little Garden

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During the start of Little Garden, many gods, demons, spirits, buddhas, demigods, (bet there were some humans), Eudemons had migrated over from their worlds and waged wars against one another in the form of Games to decide the positions for their Community grounds(that was numbered to show the hierachy) as well as the Authorities of the Sun and stars. And while all the big ones were fighting in the upper echelons, the lower levels were left unprotected and free for the taking by Demon Lords who were strong but not strong enough to contest for the Sun Authorities. But with the arrival of the Vampire race from the distant future, the Vampires decided to give back to Little Garden in their own way by ridding the plague of Demon Lords on the lower levels. For they loved Little Garden that allowed them to enjoy the Sun's warmth which they had been unable to do so in their former world and decided to bring peace to it.

Hence, they were called the [Knights of Little Garden].

Characters who are known by this title

  • Leticia Draculea

All other vampires were supposedly killed by other Demon Lords and or by her own hands.

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