One of the minor Antagonists which appear in the side story collection of Volume 9 in the LN series.


A strange bird that has only an arm and leg.


Supposedly without its sanity due to the miasmic corruption from the Demon Chiyou.



Sakamaki Izayoi--- one hit KOed KanBatsu

Kudou Asuka--- halted its movements with her command


KuroUsagi--- the one who told the problem children trio about its existence in the world of Little Garden.


Hiderigami, KanBatsu and Kanbo. It is an entity that holds many names as expected of a character in the folklores. The mandarin pronunciation would be HanBa and it was mentioned only once in Volume 5 of the LN series. 

According to real life folklores:

The Kanbatsu is an abomination that causes drought. A Chinese folklore demon mentioned in the Chinese literature of the <Book of Songs> and the <Classic of Mountains and Seas>. It is believed that the Kanbatsu is once a human but the corpse that does not rot after a hundred days with seepage of water at the head of the tombstone and with the requirement that no grass is able to grow on the grave will give rise to the KanBatsu ghost bringing water from its own home to drench its tombstone. The village would then have to burn the KanBatsu to break the drought. Another story says that a zombie that has cultivated its spirit for close to a thousand years is able to easily summon a dry spell to a state or region of a thousand miles in diameter and is called the KanBatsu.

It seems to have a Japanese version adapted from the <Book of Songs> and it is called the Hiderigami or Kanbo. Kanbatsu is a term for drought and 'Kan' means 'dry' and 'Batsu' is most likely to mean demon. The chinese call the abomination 'Ba' which is 'Batsu' in Japanese.

According to the story:


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