A position/title equivalent to Judge Master and an ability that can only be used by high rank Shura Gods and Buddhas.

One who is able to Host Gift Games and decide on the Gift Game match details however they want it as long as it is within the rules. [ie. it must not be unsolvable/unclearable.] 

Also known as the [Authority of Host Master], it is able to host a huge Gift game that includes all participants in a specified area and does not require prior registrations.

People who hold such power are:

  • Shiroyasha(former holder of such power, passed over to next floor Master)
  • Saurian Demon King,Kouryuu.
  • Laplace Demon(I'm guessing she still holds it though she is in hibernation)
  • OniHime Alliance
  • Jack O' Lantern
  • Demon King of Confusion
  • Leticia (former holder)
  • Salamandra
  • Sala Doltrake
  • All Demon Lords

May have more that have slipped my mind...

And as we can see from the above, it is a power that tends to come with the position of Floor Master/ Overall Floor Master. And even those who have large amounts of spiritual powers.

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