Son of Draco Greif. When he found out about his half brother, Gry and saw how similar Gry resembled his father, Griffith challenged him to a duel. And with the victory in his duel, Gry left Underwood to join Thousand Eyes. Ten years later, he continues to be as haughtly and irritating as before... or actually more so than before. His entrance into the story was by his loud voice insulting the No Names.

Offspring of a Longma and a Gryphon. He is also the leader of the community Two Wings.


Exactly like a hippogriff. Using therianthrophy he has human body with eagle wings sprouting from his back, with a body that was lean but well trained and muscled, a mane of hair that grew on his head and eyes like that of a cruel predatory bird.


Haughty, nose in the air, snotty, all that you can think of to describe a overly self-confident person. He's very proud of his father, Draco Greif.


Gry- half brothers

No Names - His constant insults towards them just begs for them to make him into mince meat or like how Izayoi would put it: Basashi.


He challenges the No Name in the main event of the Harvest Festival: Riders of Hippocamp of which he also made a bet with Sala Doltrake that the winning Community would be made the next 'Floor Master' as he's very confident about winning.


Control over lightning and water as well as being able to fly in the air.



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