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A Geass Roll is a Game Contract which the Game's Host and the Game's participants (players) are to abide by.

A Geass Roll tends to have these information in the contents: Name of Gift Game, Name of Game Host, Specifications for the players/ specifically named players, Winning conditions, Defeat conditions, may or may not have Punishments, and last but not least, the seal of the Hosting Community.

However in volume 8 of the LN series, these were shown to be just assumptions.

Demon Lords and or Gods who have a high spiritual power would be able to craft Geass Rolls that do not follow any of the standard formats. An example would be the Geass Roll of Coppelia's Paradox Gift Game, where the Geass Roll is written in a poem with three distinct stanzas.

Throughout the story, many games were played with the use of Geass Rolls but not all of them had the Geass Roll contents revealed. The Geass Rolls that currently have their contents revealed are as follow:

  • <Gryphon's Reins>____(vol1)
  • <Hunting>____(vol1)
  • <FAIRYTALE of Perseus>____(vol1)
  • <KuroUsagi and Izayoi>____(vol2)
  • <Underwood Maze>____(vol2)
  • <The PIED PIPER of HAMELIN>____(vol2)
  • <Chosen One to Bear the Burden>____(vol2)
  • <FLOWERS OVER THE LAKE>____ (vol3)
  • <Hippocamp Riders>/ <The horsemen of Hippo camp>____(vol5)
  • <Tain Bo Cuailnge in Ath nGabla>____(vol7)
  • <RaimundusLullus> ____(vol9)
  • <Candle the Town>____(vol9)
  • <Jack the Monster>____(vol7 +10)
  • <GREEK MYTHS of GRIFFIN>____(vol10)
  • <GROUND COVER on the MOON SEE>____(vol10)

The written contract is a magically binding contract that is structured according to the rules of Little Garden. If the two parties involved are willing, it is shown that the contract can be structured on the spot without the need of a Divinity possessor or one with strong spiritual powers (eg. Galdo Gasper or even KuroUsagi).

However, if the Geass Roll is suspected to be unsolvable, the only rule that would nullify the authenticity of the Geass Roll, a [Judge Master] is able to forcefully suspend the Game until further notice from the Little Garden verification system which can only be heard by the special ears of [Moon Rabbit]s. A false accusation would then result in a heightened difficultly level of the Game with more conditions imposed upon the players.