Game Boards are summonable locations, and may provide certain buffs and debuffs to players.

Shiroyasha's Gameboard (Mountain)

Shiroyasha's gameboard.png
A white hill peeking out from the horizon. A forest's lake shore

An icy field surrounding a mountain. Used during a gift game with You Kasukabe and Shiroyasha. It had a snowy field and frozen lake --- a world where the sun went around horizontally as well.

Shiroyasha's Gameboard (Tree)

Shiroyasha's gameboard 2.png
A giant tree, trapping players inside. The air changes inside, as noted by You Kasukabe's animal senses. This game board is used in a gift game, Underwood Maze, where players attempt to either escape the tree or disable the opponent.

City of Hamelin

City of Hamelin.png
The city of Hamelin from the story, Piper of Hamelin in Grimm's Fairy Tales. Summoned by Black Percher during a gift game, this game board is Weser's hometown, giving him a power boost. It also hides the location of the stained glass 'False Legend'.

Moon Palace: Chandra Mahal

Moon Palace Chandra Mahal.png
Summoned by Black Rabbit, the place is 380,000km high, as to escape from Hamelin's Grimoire's range.

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