The Northern and Eastern Floor Masters


The Floor Masters are controllers of a layer of the Little Garden. They are an arrangement gift players and species have in place where an individual accepts the responsibility of protecting the peace, ensuring that lower-end communities can grow. These individuals are also entrusted with the duty of leading the charge against a Demon Lord, should one appear, as they greatly disrupt the peace. Floor masters are given a number of privileges for accepting this responsibility.

Northern Floor Master

One of the northern floor masters, the head of Salamandra, is shifting power to its progeny. Sandora (daughter of Salamandra) is both a leader and a floor master.

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Nothing is currently known about the other floor master other than the Alliance name being Onihime(Ghost/Demon Princess in english. But sounds cooler as Onihime.鬼姬) It isn't explicitly said but it was hinted here and there when word was out that Bull Demon King had rushed to the aid of Onihime Alliance in the battle against the Demon Lords and had not returned. Or when it came to the naming the Floor Masters that currently existed, Onihime Alliance was also mentioned. From here, we can also see that there can be more than one Floor master for each sector.

Eastern Floor Master

Shiroyasha was the Eastern floor master since the problem children's first arrived in this world. The self-proclaimed (which is possibly the truth) "Strongest Floor Master" seems to have served the East for quite some time, and also helped out the [No Names] after they were brought to the brink of destruction by Ouroboros.

As of Light Novel volume 5, she has passed on her duties to the Saurian Demon King, Kouryuu, after returning her divinity to the Buddhist faction and possibly returning to her former Demon Lord status.

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Southern Floor Master

The southern floor master was defeated by a Demon Lord that lived in the 7,000,000 Outer Gate and his current whereabouts are unknown. In Volume 9 Chapter 2 it was mentioned that [Avalon], a community whose name has also appeared in Volume 7 Prologue as part of the old Arcadia alliance, is/was the Southern floor master.

In Volume 5, a new floor master is elected from the Draco Grief alliance: Sala Doltrake, alliance representative as well as leader of [One Horn]. 

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Western Floor Master

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