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Welcome to the Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo? Wiki's Fanon Portal!
Here, in the Miniature Garden, many new communities and stories bring along. Stories such as legends, folklore, and or one-shots take place!

We currently contain 2 fanons, 1 One-Shots on this wiki since June 13th, 2014.
You can help by creating a story below!

Create a Fanon

Create a Fanon Main Page.

Fanon: <createbox>

align=left break=no prefix=Fanon: width=50 preload=Project:Create fanon page/Main page buttonlabel=Create a main page </createbox>

Here you can create a main page of your story, mainly for big stories. You can write down your news/updates, characters, and other here. If you plan on writing a one-shot, we recommend you to only create a main page that describes all the characters and plot of the story.
For example, Fanon: Black Rabbit's New Power.
Put it in the category: [[Category:Story pages (Fanon)]] and or [[Category:FANON NAME (Fanon)]], and [[Category:One Shots]].

Create a Fanon Chapter.

Fanon: <createbox>

align=left break=no prefix=Fanon: width=50 preload=Project:Create fanon page/Chapter buttonlabel=Create a chapter </createbox>

Here write down the chapter of your story on your fanon main page.
For example: Fanon: Act 1: Release.
Put it in the category of: [[Category:Story chapters (Fanon)]] and [[Category:YOUR FANON NAME HERE (Fanon)]].

Create Other Fanon Page.

Fanon: <createbox>

align = left break = no width = 50 prefix = Fanon: buttonlabel = Create other page </createbox>

You can create other types of pages for your fanon, such as a tip/template that will show on your mainpage/chapters that this story/fanon belong to you. You can also create infobox templates of your liking here. Just make sure it goes under the prefix: Fanon:
About the Fanon Portal
The Fanon Portal started opening up on June 13th, 2014, by administrator KeyCode, who contacted Wikia Staff about adding a namespace. The Fanon Portal is a namespace used to separate articles of canon from fanon. By this means, members of the wiki can only write fanons under:


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After you have created your fanon main page or chapter for one-shots, please add the following on the top of the page: {{Fanon Property}} and edit it. You should also use the {{Infobox fanon series}} template to help you get started.

You can also start by placing headings for each, though you can change it however you like:

  • Overview
  • Main Characters
  • Side Characters
  • Chapters
  • Credits
  • See More
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