The list of quest challenges from episodes 6-10.

Episode 6

Gift Game Name: Unnamed

Host: Izayoi Sakamaki

Player List: Izayoi Sakamaki, Black Rabbit

Winning Conditions: The first one to grab the other person with their full hand.

Conditions: Game starts when a tossed coin hits the ground.

Chips: One request from the other player.

Episode 7

Gift Game Name:Duel of the Creators

Host: Shiroyasha

Player List: Kasukabe You, Ayesha, Rattenfänger participant, Participants from other communities.

Winning Conditions: Defeat opponents from other communities in different gift games.

Conditions: Only creation-type gifts are allowed.

Chips: Unknown

Episode 8

Episode8 (29)
Gift Game Name: 
Underwood Maze

Host: Shiroyasha

Player List: Kasukabe You, Jack-O-Lantern, Ayesha

Judge: Sandora, Black Rabbit

Winning Conditions:  Be first to either escape from the insides of the tree, or destroy opponent's gift.

Conditions: Only creation-type gifts are allowed.

Chips: Unknown

Gift Game Name: Unnamed

Host: Shiroyasha(Appointed)

Player List: All the communities present in the area of the Rise of the Fire Dragon festival.

Winning Conditions: (Host) All players pushed to submission or massacred.

Winning Conditions: (Players) Shatter the false legend and make the true legend known.

Conditions: Game paused and resumed after 7 days. Game terminates 24hrs after resuming, host automatically wins in the case of termination. No suicide or team killing. Black Rabbit is permitted to participate.

Chips: Allegiance of the players.

Episode 9

Dean Geass Scroll
Gift Game Name: Unnamed

Host: Rattenfänger

Player List :Asuka Kudō, Dean, Rattenfänger

Winning Conditions: Asuka takes control of Dean.

Conditions: Asuka uses her gift, Authority.

Chips: Dean

Episode_ 10

Dean 15
Gift Game Name: Unnamed

Host: Asuka Kudō

Player List: Asuka Kudō, Dean, Ratten

Winning Conditions: Ratten takes control of Dean.

Conditions: Ratten uses her gift, Pied Piper.

Chips: Dean

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