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The list of all artworks (news and reports) from the official website and the art used at the end of each episode  (also known as endcards):

List of Episodes

Episode 1 - The Problem Children Have Arrived at Hakoniwa, Haven't They?
End card 1
Episode 2 - Seems Like a Crazy Loli Clad in Japanese Clothing?
End card 2
Episode 3 - Sounds Like We're Doing All Sorts of Stuff in the Bath Together?
End Card 3

Episode 4 - It Seems Some Pervert is After Black Rabbit?

Endcard 4

Episode 5 - The Oath Seems to be Beyond the Stars?

End card 5

Episode 6 - Looks Like the Problem Children are Participating in a Festival?

End card 6

Episode 7 - Someone Might Get All Kissy with Asuka in the Dark?

End card 7

Episode 8 - It Seems That a Great Disaster Will Come with a Flute?

End card 8

Episode 9 - It Seems That the Smell of Death Brings About Disaster is Growing Throughout the Town?

End card 9

Episode 10 - It Seems That the Problem Children Prove Who's On Top?

End Card 10


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