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The East Side is a location in the Miniature Garden. It is the side that the No-Names currently reside in.


The East Side was first mentioned in the first two episodes.

East Side Waterfall.jpg

The White Serpent resides here, she lives in the lakes near the waterfalls.

If you compare the east to the north, this location is certainly a calm and different status than the opposite.


It started off on Episode 1 when the Problem Children, especially Izayoi Sakamaki, ran off to duel against a Water God. On Episode 2, it is shown that Izayoi defeated the White Serpent. The East Side came to be destinated on this episode.

Communities in the East

Notable locations

Tritonis Falls


Floor Masters: Shiroyasha-sama till Volume 5, Saurian Demon King from Volume 6

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