Demon King of Confusion
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「Facing off against Izayoi」
Biographical Information
Species Demon Lord without actual form...spirit?
Personal Status
Powers Possession+Caligraphical reality
Occupation Demon King
Organization Ouroboros Demon Lord Alliance Sub group
First Appearance

Demon King of Confusion (混こん世せい魔ま王おう) is a side character that appeared in volume 6 of the series "Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu Yo?"


Demon Lord of Confusion exists because chaos has to exist in peace.


Seeming like an ape with a cloak that has a han character "混“ written on the back. The character represents confusion. Hence his title.


He enjoys creating confusion as he believes that Demon Lords exist just like Justice. Hence to ensure that Justice exist, he decided that he will be the necessary evil. A fun loving person who loves the chaos that he brings.


Rin- The one who recruited him into the Ouroboros sub-faction and acts as the person who issues orders to him.

Izayoi- the only person who sees him when he uses his Gift that's supposed to grant him invisibility from adult eyes.

Sandora- the first person who saw him before Izayoi and wasn't spirited away. But in the later part of the story, she becomes the host body for Demon King of Confusion.


Gift and Abilities

  • Reality Manipulation: By writing on a scroll in ink, Demon King of Confusion can make the effects described by the words become reality. However, the words have to be chinese 4 character idioms and does not work against children and of course, Izayoi too.
    • Time Stopping: After displayed the characters of “虚度光阴”, Demon King of Confusion was able to wipe out the colors and freeze time of whole Kouen city.
  • Possession: Demon King of Confusion is capable of possessing on bodies, with the use of his authority as a Game Host, as seen when he possessed Sandora in volume 7.


  • First Appeared in vol6
  • He is ranked as a 5-digit demon lord.


Demon King of Confusion.jpg

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