Coppelia is a doll that does not exist in reality, but exists due to the game that personifies the end creation of something that would be made in the future. In other words, her existence is a paradox that fits the Gift Game of Paradox which 'End Emptiness' has hosted.


Pale blond hair that looks close to the color of silver, and translucent azure blue eyes that were aglow with the signs of life. Her skin was flushed like the coloration of a human's skin that had a network of small blood vessels coursing under the surface.



Lily - The first to have come into contact with Coppelia in the side story, forged a bond and protected Coppelia with the help of Asuka, Yō, Izayoi and Shirayuki.

Sakamaki Izayoi - Devised the plan of clearing the Game with an unconventional method of utilizing a non Man-made object in the creation of the perpetual motion mechanism.

Jack-O-Lantern - The crafter of the perpetual motion mechanism that powers Coppelia currently and achieving the goal of the Game clearance requirement.

Kudou Asuka - Permitted the use of the Rare Sacred Iron component to be used in the perpetual motion mechanism.

Deen - Gave part of its spiritual power in the form of the Rare Sacred Iron fragment to be the component replacing the piston in the perpetual motion mechanism design.


Coppelia is the shop owner of a grandiose looking place. The prices on the items are so high that Izayoi comments it to be a museum instead as it dismisses any thought of wanting to buy anything. However, it is later known that the shop is just a bait for unsuspecting robbers and thieves to be consumed by the gluttonous Demon Lord called 'End Emptiness'.

Her shop was discovered by Lily, who was searching for a gift to give to Black Rabbit.

Gifts and Abilities

Although she hasn't shown her full powers, Shiroyasha stated that if she had "fallen", she would be a threat equal to Azi Dahaka, End Emptiness, and Dystopia.


  • belongs to the Community called [Last Embryo].
  • Coppelia is a Paris ballet about an inventor called Dr Coppelius who created a life sized doll so strikingly charming that a village boy fell in love with it, abandoning his previous love who saved him from a gruesome end. As Dr Coppelius had drugged him and wanted his soul to animate the doll, the usual blood sacrifice rituals and stuff.


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