This section will have the characters divided into their respective Communities and the positions that they hold will be shown beside in table form.


No Name

Current No Name
Jin Russell Leader
KuroUsagi( Black Rabbit) Caretaker/ Judge
Sakamaki Izayoi Problem Kid #1
Kudou Asuka Problem Kid #2
Kasukabe You Problem Kid #3 
Leticia Draculea Leader of the maids
Lily Leader of the children group
Percher Problem Maid #2
Shirayuki-hime Maid #3
Gry Butler
Deen Contracted to Asuka
Mel//Merun Contracted to Asuka

Numbers are not a ranking system, no worries!

Previous Generation No Name
Canaria Strategist
Baron La Croix Member
Leticia Draculea


Sun lion of Suraya Member
Koumei Member
Lily's mother Member




Jack-O-Lantern Member
Ayesha Ignis Fatuus Member

Thousand Eyes

Shiroyasha Leader/ Floor Master
Female shop assistant Aide of Floor Master

Evil Aksara

Azi Dakaha Leader


Laius Perseus Leader
His trusted aide(not named) Right hand man

Star Class/Celestial being

Demon Lord/Gift


Mel/ Merun Entrusted to No Name Asuka


Sandra/Sandora Doltrake Leader
Mandra/Mandora Doltrake Brother of Sandra, captain of the guards
Winged Fire Dragon Squad 4000 strong, special combat troops

Six Scars

Porol Gundark Leader
Garol Gundark Previous Leader, father of Porol, previous advisor of Draco Greif Alliance
Carol Gundark works at a cafe in the level7 district near No Name community

Two Wings

Griffith Greif   (In volume 5)

Stymphalian Bird


One Horn

Sala Doltrake  Leader

Fores Garo

Galdo Gasper Leader

Draco Greif Alliance

Draco Greif Previous leader,  A Dracogriff

666 Beasts

Grim Grimoire


Leader and now in Ouroboros


Former maid of Leticia

Piper of Hamelin

Pest/ Percher                                     


(Currently a maid of the no names)                  

Ratten Member          


Strom Member

Ouroboros Demon Lord Alliance

His Highness Sub section Leader
Rin Game Strategist
Demon King of Confusion Member
Aura Member/ the Irish witch
Graiya Member/ advisor
Maxwell Observer from Main group


Faceless Favorite Knight of Queen Halloween
Roc Demon King Not confirmed but should be leader of community [Great Sage who Leaves Heaven in Disarray]
Bull Demon King Leader of community [Great Sage who Pacifies Heavens]
Saurian Demon King Previously:Leader of Community [Great Sage who Devastate Seas], current Floor Master of East Side
Halloween Queen Strongest Summoner of Little Garden
Sun Wu Kong Great Sage Equalling Heaven
Ayazato Suzuka younger foster sister of Izayoi
Saigou Homura younger foster brother of Izayoi, creator of the Homura brand of Headphones
Coppelia a doll with a perpetual motion mechanism installed
Carla lead maid of the Draculea family
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