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Last Embryo
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Volume 4
Kanji ラストエンブリオ
Rōmaji Last Embryo
Vital Statistics
Release Date June 1st, 2015
Written by Tarō Tatsunoko
Illustrated by Momoko
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Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They? Million Crown


Saigou Homura - a youth holding a "little" unique ability received a single mail. The moment he opened that mail, Homura was summoned to another world! It was a world ruled by the games of Gods and Demons called Gift Games. Homura, who met a lovely usamimi loli Kuro Usagi, has unexpectedly ended up participating in a super large scaled Gift Game!? He, along with Ayazato Suzuka and Kudou Ayato, who were summoned together with him and Izayoi Sakamaki, who he reunited with after 5 years, will challenge the Game of Fighting Gods and Buddhas that even caught up the real world in it!!

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