Gift Games are used in Little Garden as a method of bargaining and a gamble for fortune, fame and or honor. Some Gods, Deities and Demon Lords hold the Gift of [Authority of Host Master] while some are entrusted with the Gift through the appointment to the [[[Floor Master]]] positions. [[[Geass Roll]]]s made by the [Authority of Host Master] are able to override the requirement of the participant's consent while normal [Geass Roll]s of Gift Games from Divinity possessors would require the consent of the participant for the Game to be hosted.

The rules of Little Garden govern Gift Games to ensure that it is a fair game and 'fair' is a subjective matter. This is because Gift Games need not be a problem that can be solved at the moment and can take up to a hundred years to complete. As long as the Game is solvable, it would still be 'fair'. The ability of Moon Rabbits, specifically their ears, allow them to listen to the judgement within Little Garden's atmosphere about the fairness of the Gift Game and they are able to use the Gift of [Authority of Judge Master] to temporarily suspend the Gift Game for the investigation to take place.

Gift Games can be broadly divided into two categories.

And they were for the purpose of commerce or the trails set by demigods and gods for Mankind.

Especially the latter, those kinds would mostly be difficult and arduous games. But the difficulty of the trial is also a way for the gods to show their confidence in their participants as well as their love. Although a trial might be made to be of a tough level, the game is hosted for the bestowing of their godly Gifts to others without any conditions attached. So there has to be some mercy attached to the game for the participants.

Gift Games

  • <Gryphon's Reins>____(vol1)
  • <Hunting>____(vol1)
  • <FAIRYTALE of Perseus>____(vol1)
  • <KuroUsagi and Izayoi>____(vol2)
  • <Underwood Maze>____(vol2)
  • <The PIED PIPER of HAMELIN>____(vol2)
  • <Chosen One to Bear the Burden>____(vol2)
  • <FLOWERS OVER THE LAKE>____ (vol3)
  • <<GIFT GAME NAME: "[Underwood] Harvest Festival * Hunting Department">>____(vol5)
  • <Hippocamp Riders>/ <The horsemen of Hippo camp>____(vol5)
  • <Tain Bo Cuailnge in Ath nGabla>____(vol7)
  • <~The Strong Men difficulty level Hunt~On the eve of the Harvest Festival>____(vol8)
  • <RaimundusLullus> ____(vol9)
  • <Candle the Town>____(vol9)
  • <Jack the Monster>____(vol7 +10)
  • <GREEK MYTHS of GRIFFIN>____(vol10)
  • <GROUND COVER on the MOON SEE>____(vol10)

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