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Gifts are special abilities used by the inhabitants of Little Garden. Having such abilities is one of the reasons for individuals to be called to participate in the gift games. A person can have one gift intertwined with their soul, and an unlimited number of other gifts.


Divinity is a gift that strengthens other gifts to the highest rank. Those with divinity would be considered god-like. Many amass power in order to obtain divinity.

Fragments of Laplace

A Gift Card is a super high-value card that can store the manifestation of a Gift. The card itself is a gift that also identifies the soul intertwined gift of the owner.


Currently Known Gifts

  • Authority: An unrefined ability that allows its user to command others with words. Asuka Kudō has possession of this Gift. However, this form of the Gift is said to be of the most basic form and has much room for improvement.
  • Spear of Indra: Also called "Indra's Weapon." Indra is said to be the Deva/God of thunderstorms similar to Zeus and has a weapon called "Vajra" which is said to be a thunderbolt which is why it can summon lightning bolts. Black Rabbit has the ability to summon this Gift.
  • Hades Helmet: The Hades Helmet allows for invisibility. Replica helmets make their users disappear to the naked eye, while the real one also cloaks their very presence. Initially used by members of the Perseus Community.
  • Boots of Hermes: The Boots of Hermes allow the werer to fly. Replicas seemed to be given out to members of Perseus, with the original held by their leader. He used it to hover above the battle field during his confrontation with Izayoi.
  • Unknown: It's not yet revealed how big the power of this gift is. So far though, the gift has the power to destroy other gifts. It's also been mentioned that this gift has the power to destroy the heavens and the earth. Izayoi Sakamaki has this Gift.
  • Genome Tree: Yōu Kasukabe has a creation-type Gift.This Gift allows her to communicate with any animal. She can also gain the powers of any animal she befriends. You-san gained this power from a carved wooden necklace given to her by her father Koumei. Further utilising this Gift allows her to use the genetic data to amalgamate the best of the gifts from Eudemons to form armors or weapons that are imbued with many magical properties. It is told later that she did not need to befriend the Eudemon to utilise the powers but just needed to touch it to collect the data.
  • Jack-O-Lantern:The Will-O-Wisp's gift in the use of Ayesha ,Jack-O-Lantern creates and can possibly control fire. He is able to use natural gas to create Will-O-Wisp fires (Blue Fire)
  • DeenA giant golem crafted by the Rattenfänger community from the stone they received from Seikairyuuou. The golem is defined as possessing a steel soul this gift is used by Asuka Kudō and controlled via the gift of Authority. It is later enhanced by a dragon horn that would make it more durable and stronger in the battle with the dragon. And much stronger again when the Alliance tinker around with it to install Gears of Diamond Iron into the body cavities.
  • Water Tree:The Water Tree gift summoned by Asuka and controlled via Authority, demonstrated that the gift can produce a large amount of water used for offense or used as a resource. This is later separated into water tree branches that can be kept in Gift cards as water sources for combatants in the midst of battle. While the main tree is left in the Community.
  • Sun Armor: Sun Armor is another gift of Kuro Usagi. No matter how strong a hit the wearer takes she won't die.
  • Game Boards
  • Vampire Lord: Leticia Draculea's gift. At full divinity, it has been shown to be capable of draining blood from a distance, and paralysing enemies by looking at them in the eye. It is extremely powerful.
  • Judge Master
  • Galdo's Sword
  • Gorgon's Gaze: Petrifies all that are within reach of the beams emitted from the user. But still crushed by Izayoi when he stomped on it.
  • Amalthea : A she-goat who nursed the Greek elder gods: Zeus and other demigods/ gods. She holds the power to create a fortress for defence and lightning for attacks.
  • Brionac : A five pronged spear that is said to be a Celtic version of the Spear of Indra.
  • Moon Shrine : Able to bring participants of a game to the moon.
  • Trigeminal Vajra/Mock Divinity Vajra /Vajra Replica: the weapon that KuroUsagi likes to use to shoot multiple arcs of lightning.
  • Dragon Horn of Sandora: Able to release red lotus flames
  • Ratten's Flute
  • No Former
  • The Death Eye of Balor The eye of petrification.
  • Laius's Harpe- a sickle shaped sword.
  • Serpens Scorpius Sword- a whip sword.
  • False Star Creation Chart
  • Hand of Ruby : Contains shavings from a Dragons Horn, can release flames (Created by Sala Doltrake, given to Asuka Vol 4 Interlude 5)
  • Hand of Amber : Contains a seed of the water tree, can release water (Created by Sala Doltrake, given to Asuka Vol 4 Interlude 5)
  • Golden Harp/ Clarsach Orga(Irish):It allows control of emotions, lulling people to sleep and the control of weather and fog.
  • Purgatory Flames of the Lantern
  •  Genier Contractor: Abilty to contract & ressurect Demon Lords
  •  Ole Lukø Dream Umbrella: An umbrella that shows children dreams. 


  • Code:Unknown's power is suggested to be gift-cancelling, which would explain why the Fragment of Laplace is unable to identify it.
  • Genome Tree, Code:Unknown and Authority are said to be the three most powerful human gifts.
  • Apparently when using "Another Cosmology", the user will said an activation sentence, only Izayoi is the exception so far.


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