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The community flag of Perseus

List of Communities in the Little Garden

Rank Number Name
4 (In Volume 7) Avalon
Ouroboros Demon Lord Alliance
3 Evil Aksara
3 666 666 Beasts
4 6243 Great Sage Who Pacifies Heaven
4 Maxwell
4 3345 Thousand Eyes
5 (In Volume 1) 26745


5 Salamandra
5 Grim Grimoire
5 (Said in Volume 3) Grimm Grimoire Hamlin
5 Draco Greif Alliance
5 One Horn
5 Two Wings
5 or 6 Three Tails
5 or 6 Four Footed
5 or 6 Five Claws
6 Six Scars
6 Will-O-Wisp
6 (After Volume 5) 2105380 No Name
7 2105380 Fores Garo
3 or 4 Divine Army

Notable Communties

Requirements for levels:

7-digit Community has no requirements

6-digit Community required the ability to participate as a player.

5-digit Community required the Community to possess the ability to host Games.

And that also meant that---the [Authority of the Host Master] that a 6-digit Demon Lord used would be much different from the scale and quality that a 5-digit Demon Lord would use.


"If we want to go up to 6-digit level, we have to fulfill a trial made by the Floor Master."

"If we want to go up to a 5-digit level, we need to have 3 other communities of 6 digits under us, hang our flags at all these Outer Gates and be able to host a Gift Game with a hundred communities or more participating under an oath to our flag"

"Power of individuals are only part of the factors that would decide the level of the Community. We can expect different rules to apply to those who are in-charge of Little Garden."

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