Bull Demon King
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Age 1000+
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Bull Demon King ( ) is one of the Seven Great Demon Kings and the second most powerful of the group. Originally scouted by Shiroyasha to be her replacement for the Eastern Floor Master, he ended up directing her to the whereabouts of Kouryuu. He is now part of "Avatara" along with Arjuna and World King "Kuu-Chan".


As documented in The Journey to the West, Bull Demon King one day met Kouryuu, Sun Wukong and Karyou and joined their group to become the Seven Great Demon Kings (Sages).






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Last Embryo

Gifts and Abilities

As one of the Seven Great Sages, also being the eldest brother of Saurian Demon King and Roc Demon King, it can be assumed that Bull Demon King is very powerful. It has been stated that he is below the strength of Sun Wukong yet stands superior to his other brothers and sisters.

  • Immense strength: While his full power is unknown, it can be said that he is at least stronger than Saurian Demon King. In Last Embryo 2, Bull Demon King managed to smash Izayoi with a pole and even dealt a heavy blow to him, make Izayoi coughed blood after he got hit. Bull Demon King is so strong that he capable of overwhelming Izayoi with no effort. It was stated that he could lift a mountain by his physical strength.
  • Immense speed: Bull Demon King is able to move at super speed.
  • Immense Durability:.During the fight against Izayoi, he took all of the hits from him without any scratches. His durability and Kouryuu comparable to each other.
  • Martial expert: Bull Demon King had his martial art from the same class as Saurian Demon King.


  • Manipulation of weapons: According to the rumors in Little Garden, Bull Demon King possessed a Gift "The one who can manipulate all weapons of the world to his will" which allowed him to control any kinds of weapons, but so far he still not desmontrate the true essence of his Gift yet.


  • Bull Demon King was stated to be second in terms of the Seven Great Demon Kings.
  • Bull Demon King's identity in the Outer World/Izayoi's world was an old man named Ushimatsu. He was one of the sponsors of the "Canaria Foster Home" but said to be dead 2 years prior the start of the story arc of the "Last Embryo" but later given the clue of his existence as Ushimatsu when he and Izayoi battled in the Labrynth.

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