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6453th cup of tea 6453th cup of tea 3 April 2018

Last Embryo volume 5

Releases on June 1, 2018. There's a highly chance of Asuka returning. Also there will be a short story collection like Mondaiji volume 9 release on July if I'm mistaken. (LE1 Izayoi returned, LE3 You returned, LE5... I see what you did, Tatsunoko. Also all three of those volume were released on June 1, Children's Day!!!)

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Yuki Semory Yuki Semory 8 January 2018

Can Izayoi destroy magic?

I was wondering, can Izayoi Sakamaki cancel/Destroy magic? If so, how is it possible and where did you get it from.

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Eizers Eizers 16 December 2017

will there be a season 2?

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TheAlmightyRen TheAlmightyRen 27 February 2017

How strong is Shiroyasha?

I want to believe that Shiroyasha has control over stars or destroying them(she is the strongest Celestial Spirit and holds half of the Sun Authorities) but a reddit post stated that she isn't nowhere near capable of destroying stars. so my question is can she really destroy stars or contol them for that matter? i want to stick to my belief that she can.

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DemonKing2000 DemonKing2000 21 July 2016

Volume 11 Mondaiji Tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu yo in English

So Hello Hello Hello guys i saw lots of people who are searching for volumes 11 and 12 of Mondaiji since there are only 10 volumes in Baka Tsuki so here is a link to download the volume 11 in English!kwdEGb5J!Il9n0ND6CSpLUl_4yUSm4jUXvQwp74Z9RrjYJjdYfrE

Enjoy it ;) 

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