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Types of Blog Posts

News and Feed

Administrators (captain), bureaucrats (captain), and the founder (leader) can make these types of blog posts related to the Mondaiji anime series. They can create them such as Warning! signs or just to post something like holiday greetings.

They can also post announcements that every user should hear (at least).

Suggestions or Answers

These are regular blog posts. You create a question saying "Who is your favorite character?" and that goes into the Answers! A suggestion is normally discussed in the Forums. Suggestions are made like examples: Should we call Black Rabbit Black Rabbit or Kuro Usagi, who was posted by Linarc (a gift player).

Regular Posts

If you feel like you want to create anything of a post you want for you only, you can do so! Don't worry, you will get plenty of ideas and users who will read your posts!

How-to (Please Read)

Click here to create a new blogpost! When you do, please add this template on the top: {{Blogheader}}
Once you do, go to the left where it says "Categories" before you forget to categorize it for whatever type of blog posts you are writing. There are these categories in blog posts: Category:Announcements, Category:News/Feed, Category:Answers, and Category:Suggestions. If your blog post is just a regular one, you don't have to add any category.

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