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6453th cup of tea 6453th cup of tea 3 April 2018

Last Embryo volume 5

Releases on June 1, 2018. There's a highly chance of Asuka returning. Also there will be a short story collection like Mondaiji volume 9 release on July if I'm mistaken. (LE1 Izayoi returned, LE3 You returned, LE5... I see what you did, Tatsunoko. Also all three of those volume were released on June 1, Children's Day!!!)

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Yuki Semory Yuki Semory 8 January 2018

Can Izayoi destroy magic?

I was wondering, can Izayoi Sakamaki cancel/Destroy magic? If so, how is it possible and where did you get it from.

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Eizers Eizers 16 December 2017

will there be a season 2?

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TheAlmightyRen TheAlmightyRen 27 February 2017

How strong is Shiroyasha?

I want to believe that Shiroyasha has control over stars or destroying them(she is the strongest Celestial Spirit and holds half of the Sun Authorities) but a reddit post stated that she isn't nowhere near capable of destroying stars. so my question is can she really destroy stars or contol them for that matter? i want to stick to my belief that she can.

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DemonKing2000 DemonKing2000 21 July 2016

Volume 11 Mondaiji Tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru So Desu yo in English

So Hello Hello Hello guys i saw lots of people who are searching for volumes 11 and 12 of Mondaiji since there are only 10 volumes in Baka Tsuki so here is a link to download the volume 11 in English!kwdEGb5J!Il9n0ND6CSpLUl_4yUSm4jUXvQwp74Z9RrjYJjdYfrE

Enjoy it ;) 

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X.F.r.o.z.e.n.x X.F.r.o.z.e.n.x 22 May 2016

Mondaiji Discord

Hey everyone~ I started translating Mondaiji a while ago and made a Discord Server for it. We chat and discuss Mondaiji/LE and post news there.

Feel free to join us.

Here's the Link:

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 12 May 2016

Power Levels? Exaggeration?

hello there community, this is everyone's favorite hated admin StarlightAT!

Today I decided to bring up some conversations, and for the first one it is in regards to the levels of power and force behind the blows of the main character Izayoi Sakamaki.

Now the main character is often noted to having the power to destroy stars and shake the heavens and the earth. But all we have seen him do is defeat representations of these specific sources. Example A, Algol, the Demon Lord and Celestial Star spirit. Now we can all agree Izayoi hits hard and fast, but we haven't seen how fast or how hard. But we HAVE read it.

Thanks to the Ouroboros and Azi Dahaka arcs, we got to see our main man struggle and fight at all his strength and with all his wit.


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StarlightAT StarlightAT 2 March 2016

Guidelines for the Mondaiji Wikia Pages

Hello everyone this is the (annoying) admin of Mondaiji Wikia, StarlightAT! I have decided that with more editors coming in it was time to place up some standards as to how the pages should look and rules to follow!

Let's start with the Character Pages. And we will use everyone's favorite OP B***** for the job,

Sakamaki Izayoi!

On his page are several sections

  • A small profile with an Infobox
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Relationships (If they have interactions with multiple characters (limit of ten), then a tabber is to be used to make a page based on relationships)
  • Background
  • Part 1 (Mondaiji volumes and stories a character has appeared in with a small summary of the character's actions in that story.)
  • Part 2 (Last Embryo volumes and stories a character …

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Saigou Homura Saigou Homura 23 December 2015

Mondaiji-tachi Volume 1-9 Pdf download

Hello, this is Homura. For those who needs the mondaiji-tachi pdfs. Here is the link below. It's quite sad with the DMCA problem with copyrights. Luckily, there's also a Chinese translations for it till Last Embryo.

Mondaiji Volume 1-9 English Translate: 

My 'boss' has now made a link where you can get to download all chapter except of Mondaiji volume 11 and 12, Last Embryo volume 1 and 2. Here you go,[1]

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 18 December 2015

BT hit with DMCA, Mondaiji to stop translations

Hey there everyone!!

It's your favorite....



  • Bursts into tears*


  • continues to cry a river*


Okay so Baka Tsuki was issued a DMCA by Kadokawa publishing house, as such DAL, Itsuten, Haganai, DYD, Index, LH, Mondaiji. Nobuna, Arisu, Nareru SE, Kuusen, Sakurasou, Shana, Slayers, Chaika, Ero-manga, Spice & Wolf, Baccano, Black Bullet, Accel World, Index, Oreimo and Papakiki are to be taken down from their website. This is the second strike they recieved, the first being Campione!.

Now I have all the fully translated light novels saved as PDF files. I am currently in the process of hiding them so I can share the link. As for the translated chapters, the…

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Saigou Homura Saigou Homura 2 December 2015

Proto Keravnos


By looking at the size of the axe is. How in the world did Homura have the strength to carry it? Is it from the intense training that Queen Halloween had gave him? Or he himself already have enough strength to carry it? Putting in consideration that he is more of the bookworm type and that he is a scientist. One would think that he is physically weak while having high IQ. Either way, this is unexpected. 0_0


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StarlightAT StarlightAT 20 September 2015

Anon Editors

Hello its everyone's favorite (hated) head honcho of Mondaiji wikia!

Lately it has come to my attention there is more anon activity than registered user activity. This has been bothering me a bit since anon's seem to be a main source of editing...but not exactly proving information. As of late there have been a few anon editors who I had to rollback edits either due to false information, the information being deleted and replaced with various terms that make no sense or are offensive, and speculation due to the fandom desire for Izayoi to be paired with someone.

Now, as so far, there has been NO ROMANCE in the light novels, and everyone's reactions are basic reactions people would make in situations, especially with Izayoi and Black Rabbit. …

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 3 July 2015

Fan Art on Character Galleries or New Pages?

Hello community its everyone's annoying new beuraucrat here with a new proposition!

So I just realized three pictures were added to Black Rabbit's image gallery and they were fanon art. I took them down because I thought that fanon art shouldn't be on the official character galleries and if too much fanon art was on a gallery page it would overload.

Though then I thought this might be selfish of me so I am going to ask the community!

Should we add fan art to the Character galleries, or simply use the fanon portal on the site to add fan art character galleries?

Personally I vote for the latter as the fanon portal was made for stuff like this, for those who enjoy writing fanfiction or drawing to post stuff. But it hasn't been used for a year and…

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 21 May 2015

Thank you!

Just a quick thanks to KeyCode, HoneyCandiez and anon believing I would be a good admin for the wikia. ^_^

Just a thank you for those since I am dead tired and am going to bed. I will play on the wikia tomorrow.

Oh wow you can already tell I am going ot be terrible if the first thing I say is "all of a sudeen the wikia got a lot more fun to be on." XD

I would say I want to rely on my senpai's but they are busy with RL stuff.

Hahahaha....haha....ha *Realizes how many pages need fixing and editing and-*

Okay so night. XD


-New Admin/Bureaucrat of Mondaiji wikia

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 13 May 2015

Adopting Wikia

Hello StarlightAT here, everyone's famous (or infamous) editor of Mondaiji Wikia. Uhm...if it is alright with both community memebers and admins, may I request the ermission to become an admin for the site?

With Part II coming along I wanna try and get the stuff for Part 1, naturally characters, locations, gift games, etc, going and get it done so we can begin working on Part 2 stuff as it comes out and as we get more info.

Granted it is a lot of work and I could use all the hel;p I can get, and I am by NO MEANS an expecrt in using HTML fact it all passes through my head since I can't get a clear grasp on it. Even when I break it up.

But I will try my upmost best to be more active!

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 11 April 2015

Stop treating the pages as Chat Pages


Okay so this is something I have been noticing....

Anons, you have been leaving messages on the pages, messages that would be seen in like a chat or on a message wall. DO NOT DO THAT. The wikia is meant to be a source of infromation. The editors are trying to make this look professional looking but you are not helping by using it as a chat page. If you have any questions ask me, StarlightAT, or the other users that are...somewhat active on the wikia.

I will admit I am not on here often enough to edit but I am trying as well as others like the new users who edit my many grammar mistakes. We are trying to make the pages look better and your need to leave messages on the pages you edit in parenthesis makes it …

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 10 February 2015

Mondaiji Blu ray Box Set

Diomedea is releasing a Mega Box Set for Mondaiji titled

Mondaiji tachi isekai kara kuru so desu yo? We are the Strongest!

It comes with all the episodes plus a Drama CD and a short story!

It will be released on March 27 this year! Going for 28,000 yen, or if I am right, close to $280. Though the google translate mentioned this "First Deadline" being February 13...

Here is the picture and a video release!!

Hopefully this is a possible sign for a season 2, who knows but they must have a reason for something to be releasing this box set two years after the series aired and one year after the release of the dub. I'm crossing my fingers!

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 21 October 2014

New Page Layout Advice

Hello there everyone! I have a favor to ask of the community, or those still part of it. See I had added a new template to make it so we can add info but hide spoilers of untranslated light novels.

Its basically called Template:PlainOpener and looks like this [show].

Now I added this to Canaria's page to hide the spoilers that I have learned on the forums but also made a change to her page layout. I am thinking of doing this for the rest of the pages but I would like the communities response.

Would this be a good idea for a layout?

Yes or no just speak your mind and if you have ideas to add more to it or take away just tell me in the comments!

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 31 August 2014

Question for Sentai Filmworks

So I asked them a question a few days back....

First I need to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for dubbing and releasing Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They on Blu ray and DVD. I was literally jumping for joy when that was announced! So my questions are, what caused you to chose this title to dub? Also, I learned that you guys managed to get the right for No game No Life. When could we be expecting a release date for that? Thank you so much once again for bringing over Problem Children!

Sentai responded with this... Problem Children was a show that we had a lot of confidence in, judging from the numbers, and since many of us around the office really enjoyed it the first time around, it was an easy decision to make. No Game…

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Fones Fones 5 August 2014


I asked this on Black rabbits page also,

My questions :

Why did Highness call her O Goddess of The Moon ?

Is KuroUsagi a Lunar deity ? 

Is she acctually a goddess clothed in Moon Rabbit skin ?

Aren't moon rabbits servents of gods? Then is it possible that she is a Lunar goddess reincarnated as a moon rabbit?

And last but not least,

Did she realize that she is in love with Izayoi? (In volume 11 colour Illustrations her chest thightend up and she saw Izayoi sparkling.)  

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Fones Fones 31 July 2014

Vol 11

Here are the Illustrations


What did Izayoi do to make Kurousagi blush that hard !? 

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AGentileschi AGentileschi 22 July 2014

Visual Editor Issues

I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I use the Visual Editor on the wiki, it won't let me publish. When I press the publish button, the window opens up just fine, and I can add a summary, but none of the other functions on the window work. The review, close window, save, and publish functions all don't work, as in, I can't click on them. So that means if I accidentally edit using the Visual Editor, I'll have to redo everything with the classic editor T-T 

Anyone else having this problem? It could be just me... 

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 1 July 2014

Volume 11 Picture

So uhm....yeah....

Found this on the forums.....

  • fangirl scream that kills Azhi Dahaka and any other Demon Lord*

Pleasure forgive me as I try and work on my fanfiction and make it freakin epic.....

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Candypopmusic Candypopmusic 20 June 2014

Let's start fanfiction!!!!

Hi guys. Let's start writing the fanfiction because there is no more ideas coming so lets starts. I will put the ideas down for poeple how don't remember. 


  • Some characters dying
  • making new characters
  • making new communities


  • Magref - gift ninjutsu
  • Fones - gift imagination to reality
  • Candypopmusic - gifts weaponary and manipulation
  • StarlightAT - gift change of luck/probability
  •  Makie - gist future reading

I think we should start thinking with a plot cuase we dont have one...

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Candypopmusic Candypopmusic 20 June 2014

Letter Help!!!

Hi guys. It been a long time since I was on. Sorry.

Wel i need help with the letter I am not good with convicing things and also I think i should send the letter to everyone to sign or something because one won't work I think.  Plaese help me what i should write. Here is what i have now.

  • Please make more episode
  • The story of the LN is good and we want to see it in amimation

Fones already gave me the address. All I need to do is write so please help.

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 9 June 2014

Complete Rehaul of Site?

Okay so this is my opinion..the Wikia needs a new look.

The background picture is...okay in my opinion but i think a more official artwork form the series would be amazing

Pages are coming along nicely they just need to be a bit more organized and more info added.

And i realized that the admins...okay seriously WHO ARE THE ADMINS of this wikia?! I T^T I wanna talk to them and discuss the new look.....

I say we give the mondaiji wikia a makeover and make this a site with up to date information like on the No Game No Life Wikia!! We follow every lead possible!!

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 6 June 2014


Holy crap.....we finally have some info regarding English Problem Children!!

Edit: And the DUB IS ONLINE AND I GOT TO HEAR IT YES!!! Voices are 8/10 for me, and the dialogue is fantastic! But don't let that stop you form buying blu-ray or DVD's, we need to show that there are fans in the west who love this series!!!

ADR Director

Christopher Ayres

English Vocal Cast

Sakamaki Izayoi                         Josh Grelle (Dude...perfect)

Black Rabbit                               Jessica Calvello (Pretty Good)

Asuka Kudou                               Nancy Novotny (She grows itno her role of Asuka)

Kusakabe You                             Brittney Karbowski (Okay)

Jin Russell                                 Kalin Coates (Hahahaha! Voiced by a girl and …

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Candypopmusic Candypopmusic 3 June 2014

Let's make fanfiction. Part 2!!!

hi guys. THese post is about hat we have so far.

  • some character's dying
  • have our own gifts
  • making new comunities.


Magref- gift ninjutsu

Fones- gift imagination to reality 

Candypopmusic(me)- gift weaponary and manipulation (main manipulation water)

StarlightAT- gift change of luck/probability

Makie (charracter from fanfiction) - gift furture reading

Any more characters post on here but i ideas post on Part 1

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 1 June 2014

Fanon section?

Okay so I got this little idea from Candypop and her suggestion about doing a collaborative anfiction.

Would it be possible to add a fanon section to this wikia? Like for fanfiction, fan characters, but place them under specific tags so they don't cross over with the canon tags?

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Candypopmusic Candypopmusic 29 May 2014

Lets make fanfiction

I already know that Starlight AT does fanfiction but how about we make a fanfiction everyone contribute to.

I want to here your ideas. My ideas are....

  • Making a new problem child that have a gift to summon any weapon she/ he [want it to be a she] saw or use.
  • Making a new community with making our own character and about our rival No Name or something

now its your turn jot down ideas

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Candypopmusic Candypopmusic 26 May 2014

More episode

Hi I'm Candypopmusicand I'm new. I was wondering if we could do an propsoel to the maker of Mondaiji tachi. It was only a little bit of episodes and I think it needs more. If you are wondering how are we suppose to write in japanese I could do that and someone coud find  the maker's email then we will be okay. But this is just an idea okay.

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 23 April 2014

Redo Episode and Volume page

Question for the community. I currently have the episodes of Mondaiji on my PC. I can get HD pictures and stuff so...Can i like redo the episode pages and add better pictures? And if so how many per page? Oh and i plan to add some Episode pics to the character pages as well.

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 13 April 2014

Post Anime Plot

Hello its everyone's favorite fanfiction writer!! XD

Wow don't I sound full of myself?

Anyway if anyone noticed I have been adding in the anime plotlines to the characters Black Rabbit and Asuka, and i plan to add them to the other characters as I watch the series (For the 40th time).

Now this is the question I want to ask. I have read up on the Light Novels and I know what happens, should I add what has been translated by the Light Novels to the plot sections of the characters?

Some may serve as spoilers if no one reads them, and also I have read the Forums for the series with some pretty decent translations of the volumes. Should i add in those as well?

I made this blog to debate about it, give me your thoughts please!

And if i may Pester (XD)…

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Izayoi imaginebreaker0677 Izayoi imaginebreaker0677 13 April 2014

light novel translation,, where i can read LN aside from baka-tsuki

i take a peek on illustration of new release volume 10 and its awesome too much epicness wowowowo ... . so please someone translate the remaining volume

and BTW thanks to baka tsuki and translator of Mondaiji :D

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Ynnepssellous Ynnepssellous 26 March 2014

English Dub and Street Date announced

Just a quick update for anyone wanting to buy the BR/DVD. So Sentai Filmworks posted their july release schedule and on it was Problem children(full post here and image of the Problem children part here) the release date is set for 7/29/2014 and will be available in English and Japanese with English subtitles!

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StarlightAT StarlightAT 22 March 2014


Just a small introduction! My name is StarlightAT, or Star for short.

Why Star?

Because of this.

Anyway I am an avid Roleplayer on a site knwon as RWBY Fanon Wikia, a fanfictio nwriter for Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Digimon, and recently Mondaiji. I have written three Mondaiji fics, but only one is completed, a one shot detailing a friendship betwen Izayoi and an original fan character names Kobayashi Makie, before he ventured to Little Garden and before Canaria pased away. Yes I know there is some slight divergences from Canon, but I only recently learned about these divergences when I read what was trasnalted of volume 8 of the Light Novels.

So far I have seen favorable reviews but I would appreciate it if others were to grant me their thought…

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Fones Fones 9 March 2014

Anyone !?

Does anyone Know the original NAME of the "No-Name Community" ?

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Yakumo Kurama Yakumo Kurama 5 March 2014

Season 2

Hi Guys...

I just wanted to ask something..

Will there be a Season 2???

That's all. ThAnKs.

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Roxasduelwielder Roxasduelwielder 21 February 2014

hello everyone

hello this is roxas duelwielder i just became a member and i problably still a lot to learn about the show so please teach me! i hope to talk to everyone and be friends. p.s izayoi would so kick yu's butt

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Magref Magref 12 February 2014

Translation terminologies and Names

Heys! I've got no idea where does this go to so I'm leaving it without a category. Anyways, I would like to use this blog to point out a whole list of Names and Terminologies that is constantly updated as I continue to translate this series...

If you find anything that I missed out, just drop a comment here and I will add it in for it would help my translation speed a load. Thanks!

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Kimgabriellefine Kimgabriellefine 1 December 2013

Mondaiji Tachi probably will have a season 2

The main plot of Izayoi when he joined the No Names was to get back their name and flag and to beat the demon lord who got it,right? So season 1 ended not with that but defeating a rookie demon lord. (pest) SAO's plot was to trap players and for kirito to get them out and it happened and that was a perfect ending in the half of the show . So I think , Mondaiji Tachi hasn't fulfilled the "get our flag back" plot so likely, possibly there'd be a season 2.

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Miu Ousawa Miu Ousawa 27 September 2013

Izayoi and Black Rabbit

I ship them really hard! They're really good couple! What do you think about them? Let's see how many fans they have!

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Kiataryu Kiataryu 6 September 2013

問題児たちが異世界から来るそうですよ? LN Translators wanted!

Anyone who is able to translate japanese fluently, please help attend to- the light novel on

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Cheyale Cheyale 12 July 2013


Kapag ika'y man ay nag babasa nito at ika'y nakaka intindi na na isulat ko wag mo i sabi ang naka sulat dito kay pala dili sila maka hibalo kung unsa man an ako gi type dere kay bangin padaw nira nilabtan eni pan papatayun ku gud kamu kapag gamitun eni niyu

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Princess Rue Princess Rue 16 April 2013


Who's partner do you want?




For me Izayoi and Asuka are the one.

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Princess Rue Princess Rue 12 April 2013

Will the author continue this Anime?

I hope it continue because this anime is wonderful, this is the best of all anime that I watch. The plot of this anime is unique, different from other animes that I've watch. Many people like this too, so I wanted the author to continue this Anime movie.

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FemNorway FemNorway 9 April 2013

Changing the Wiki Symbol

(The symbol as in the thing that say MONDAIJI-TACHI WIKI)

I have a sreen caption of the title in the first credits and if we put that there it could look nicer. Any comments on this idea?

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Red Komet Red Komet 6 April 2013

Antagonist Section

As you can see here The Antagonists Section needs to be added on that Bar

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FemNorway FemNorway 1 April 2013

New Page Ideas!

First off:

New Page Idea?

Well, I had a great idea. If we made another catagory and page to follow called the following:


Demon Lords

or Community Leaders

Are those good ideas???

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FemNorway FemNorway 31 March 2013

The Show So Far...

The show so far has not ceased to amaze me! All the different situations they get into and all the different people they get to meet (By they, I mean Izayoi, Asuka and You). If there was a situation where Izayoi was critically injured, I would by more entertained. He is always so good at fighting and never gets hurt. He's almost too good! Well, here is my look at the majorly main characters:


A boy with attitude that doesn't let anything get him down. He totally smashes the "Blondes are stupid" myth!


The rich girl of the series. She may be cocky like that, but she is down to Earth. Smashes the "Rich, stuck up" myth!


A soft spoken girl that has ultra everything basically. Yet again, the character has to smash a myth, so, she smas…

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