Aži Dahāka
Azi 2
「Before the fight against Izayoi & others」
Biographical Information
Species Human (Formerly), Demonic Dragon, Evil God of Zoroastrianism, Demon Lord
Gender Asexual... able to reproduce many replicas
Age Exist before Little Garden was created
Height About 3 meters
Weight Equivalent with a continent
Personal Status
Gift(s) Avesta, Khvarenah, Star Body, Dragon's Shadow
Powers God-like strength, speed, durability, stamina, super senses, flight, aerokinesis, pyrokinesis, immortality, can create clones from his blood, immeasurable knowledge
Occupation The Destroyer
Organization Evil Aksara
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Volume 7


A white, three-headed dragon with shackles on its arms and legs with a flag of its Community behind it like a cape. It's first generation clones have two heads and possess Divinity. His wings are shadow like blades behind his back.


Lusts for bloodshed, violence and destruction. Would only talk just to say the last words that the opponent will ever hear. He considers the main reason for his life to be one where his existence inspires heroes to come forth and defeat him. Azi Dahaka is a villain. A natural disaster that eliminates everything without prejudice or shame. He gives his existence entirely to the concept of evil, just so he can be the duality that gives rise to the hero that will bring humanity to light. Everything he does is for the sake of his goal. His determination is ridiculous, knowing no hypocrisy in obtaining his goal, and yet displays some honor. Even so, he acknowledges the wills of others and takes them on without holding back.


Azi Dahaka is said to not have been that strong in the old days. In the Middle Eastern lore, the 12 Devas or "Great Sage Equalling Heaven," in Western lore, the War goddess or the King of the Dead would be his equal. But one day; including Azi Dahaka, all the Demon Lords somehow gained an immense increase in their powers, allowing just one to repel/defeat a million pantheons of gods. His powers were equal to that of Sun WuKong and even Indra, having originated the same way as Indra. It was revealed in volume 11 he was originally human.

First mentioned in Volume 4 regarding the destruction of five of its first generation clones by Shiroyasha. Later mentioned in Leticia's conversation with Percher in Volume 5, prologue. In the past he attacked the Moon Rabbit tribe on the day of Black Rabbit's birthday. Canaria and the previous [No Names] came to help the moon rabbits but only managed to save Black Rabbit. As such Canaria launched an all out war against Azi Dahaka and had Baron La Croix summon up the entire alliance to do so. There was no way to defeat Azi Dahaka, as such he was instead sealed under Salamandra's Palace. The cost of this was the loss of 80% of the Alliances members.


Volume 7

Azi Dahaka remained sealed until the end of the volume, his awakening causing the volcano near the community to erupt.

Volume 8

Volume 10

Volume 11


Sakamaki Izayoi - Despite knowing that he would lose, Izayoi fought him to let his companions escape. Izayoi is the first person in 200 years to ask for his real identity. 

Canaria - Fought Azi Dakaha when he attacked the Moon Rabbit Community.

Black Rabbit - Black Rabbit's Moon Rabbit Community was destroyed by Azi Dahaka when she was ten years old, as such she still harbors great fear of him, as seen when she was frozen in fear when he appeared in volume 7.

Gift and Abilities

As one of the [Last Embryo]s and the God killer himself, Azi Dahaka is one of the most powerful Demon Lords that have ever existed. In the past, when Canaria started an all out war with Azi and had Baron La Croix summon up the entire alliance, it took 80% loss of the Alliance Members just to seal him. In Volume 8, he easily defeated Izayoi with no effort and in Volume 10, Sun Wukong stated that the Divine Army completely have no chance against the power of Azi Dahaka, all of the 3-Digit Gods ran away and abbadoned the old Little Garden to create the new one after they knew about the release of Azi Dahaka. Moreover, not even Shiroyasha herself can not kill him permanently even she got her original power back, but can only seal him in her own paradox game for all eternity with the sacrifice of her too. When Saurian Demon King, Roc Demon King, Jack, Faceless and Leticia teamed up to fight him, it was completely useless as in the end of the fight, Azi nearly killed Jack with his claws despite Jack's Immortality. Below here are the list of his powers:

  • God-like strength: Azi dahaka has a monstrous physical strength, he can easily puncture Izayoi's organs in volume 7, heavilly wounded Jack's body with his claws in volume 10, the second strike would have killed Jack if Kouryuu and Facless didn't quickly move in to block the finishing blow from hitting Jack a second time. The claws of Azi Dahaka can rend the earth and split the whole seas. When Kouryuu launched another attack at Azi Dahaka with his club, he tore apart the club to smithereens by his fangs despite that it is a weapon that was made of Sacred Steel from the Age of Gods. The fangs of Azi Dahaka were stated to be capable of swallowing the earth itself. Leticia after became a seal which have a mass equivalent with a star that binded Azi Dahaka were easily snapped open by his brute force. His arm strength also have enough power to crush the stars. The roar of Azi Dahaka caused the stars to be shaken and formed a storm that pierced through three worlds. One thing should be noticed that this is Azi Dahaka after 2/3 of his body got sealed, especially Azi Dahaka's shoulder parts has been sealed to reduce his physical strength.
  • God-like speed: Despite his huge body, Azi Dahaka can move at super speed. He is much faster than Izayoi who is at least faster than the Third Cosmic Velocity and he can even dodge the Indra's spear thrown by Black Rabbit at the 6th Cosmic Velocity when it approaching him in a blink of an eye. The extraordinary speed from Azi with the eye of Kouryuu, who trained and polished his body to the limit for a thousand years both at the sea and in the mountains, it can only be described as godly speed.
  • Flight: By using his giant shadow wings, Azi dahaka can levitate himself and fly.
  • God-Like Durability: As the ancient Demon Lord, Azi Dahaka can not be killed by any conventional way. In volume 8, hundred of punches thrown in the third cosmic velocity by Izayoi which could shake the stars hit right in his belly didn't give him a slightest scratch, when Izayoi's Aurora Pillar made contact with his Avesta created a vortex with power comparable to the collison between stars which could destroy All Creation and reduced half of the volcano peak into nothing more than subatomic particles , the powers from both of them canceled each other out and Azi Dahaka survived the force of the impact without any fatal injuries despite that therefore he wounded his own body to create his clones. In volume 10, Azi Dahaka called the strike from Kouryuu that aimed for Azi Dahaka's left-side neck which rivals to the breaths ejected from the crust of the stars "pathetic" and the club Kouryuu used to hit him blew to smithereens. The heat wave from Karyou's flame that can scorch the earth's surface for Azi Dahaka's body which significantly tougher than steel is no different than a warm wind and the breaths of the stars can't give his body a single scratch. A kick from Kouryuu which have all the power equals to the breaths of the stars concentrated into a single point right at Azi Dahaka's body gave him no damage. Karyou even admitted that her Golden Wing Flames which has heat waves equivalent with a miniature sun plus can kill both gods and dragons are unable to work against Azi Dahaka, she also stated that his durability beyond conventional forms. When Jack was get caught by Azi Dahaka's shadows, he found out that Azi Dahaka is completely unscathed after getting hit directly by Karyou's Golden Wing Flames. In volume 11, he survived a rain of explosives equals to nuclear heat and spirit flames from the fire dragons after got boosted pseudo divinity which can even kill Azi Dahaka's clones without any scratches despite the fact that therefore he got wounded by Faceless, You, Jack plus got struck from Indra's lightnings which could make him feel very painful. Despite that Azi Dahaka could be injured in a clash between two "Another Cosmology".
  • Conceptual Immortality: As the embodiment of eschatology, Azi Dahaka can not be destroyed by any particular methods, but can only temporarily sealed. The only way to defeat him associated with the release of spiritual power in the form of tests (the creation of an equivalent concept, the ability to "weaken" Demon Lord), which dealt a mortal blow to the three vulnerable points: the skull, shoulders and heart. However,the deadly attack could only come from humanity and it has been revealed in Volume 12 that The Divine Army tried to kill him but Azi resurrected himself.
  • Super senses: Azi Dahaka can trace the heat source of his enemy by using his eyes that carried a heat detection organ.
  • Aerokinesis: Azi Dahaka has demonstrated the ability to create tornadoes capable of destroying large cities by flapping his wings. In Volume 7 after he got released, a flap from the wings of Azi Dahaka created tornadoes and destroyed the entire Kouen City into piles of rubble.
  • Pyrokinesis: Azi Dahaka can emit flames from his mouth that could deflect bullets possessed pseudo Divinity shot by fire dragons and eudemons, dissolved into the force divided the replica City of London.
    • Fire resistance: Being one of the god of Zoroastrianism, Azi Dahaka is under its protection against fire. Only the flames which could kill both gods and dragons such as Garuda's flames capable of surpassing this protection.
  • Clones's creation: By using his blood, he can create Divinity level clones that are two headed dragons.This clones are also capable of creating another set of Deity level clones.
    • Energy and Matter Absorption: The ability of Azi Dahaka's clones to absorb energy and matter on the surrouding areas such as woods, ponds, mountains, living beings with spiritual energy. The more they devour,they will get bigger and stronger.
  • Immeasurable Knowledge: Azi Dahaka has countless knowledge stored in his mind, he knows all about the "Techniques" which changed the shape at times in history of black magic, alchemy, science and others. His vast knowledge was stated to be equal to thousand magics. Azi Dahaka can even solved both Sala's Gift Game and Jack's Gift Game in just a day despite the fact that Sala's Gift Game is the most hardest and it has been written by a Poet.


  • [Avesta]: Azi Dahaka's "Another Cosmology", which allow him to add enemies's original power with his own power "Another Cosmology" and create the mirror opposite Gift that neutralizes everything. Storyteller stated that Azi Dahaka can build anti-dualism "Another Cosmology" with the fastest speed, as long as this Gift is there, no matter what situation and kind of enemy that he faced, his chance of victory will never go below 50%, also no matter how many Gods one can gather, it is impossible to win Azi Dahaka because the more Gods that fight against him, the stronger he is. By imitating his enemy's Cosmology's antithesis and absorbed that into himself, he can limitedly use it. [Avesta] is very powerful that it can neutralize Authority of Universal Truth (Brahman) and even the power of the Chief Gods. It was stated that the numerical is meaningless to Azi Dahaka's power and no one can win his power if they do not have the same Zoroastrianism's Cosmology with him. Azi Dahaka had used the [Avesta] five times, the first time was to counter Izayoi's Aurora Pillar in Volume 8 when both of them clashed the impact created a vortex with power comparable to the collison between stars which could crush All Creation, destroyed more than half of the volcano peak. The second time was to neutralize the Garuda's flames of Roc Demon King in Volume 10. In Volume 11, Azi countered Jack's stellar form also by the [Avesta], thus killed him. Later, he used [Avesta] to add himself Spiritual Power from Lunar Dragon and Solar Dragon, however he could not add the Spiritual Power from Solar Dragon due to humanity nature. Finally, his last attempt was in order to deal with the Spear of Indra but he failed because the spear contained Zoroastrianism's Cosmology and it is not an "Another Cosmology" like the original spear so that his [Avesta] was unable to be activated. In Volume 12, it has been further explained that Azi Dahaka defines himself as the absolute right-wing good and evil, imitating the objective cosmology to serve as the ultimate host of mirror opposite of dualism. To put it bluntly, he had the "One-on-one against him is impossible to win, a talk about as long as the many does not possess human blood, then it can increase its own Gift", this kind of power is unimaginably surpass the 3-Digit. The only exception to it, can only be the Divine Gift that contains the "Zoroastrianism". Further more, humanity is the only race that [Avesta] can not copy their power no matter how great are their number. Those who inherited the blood of human can bypass the loopholes of his [Avesta], hence why Izayoi could hold back Azi Dahaka for a while even though that Azi is much superior to Izayoi himself.
  • Khvarenah (Halo of the Supreme Ruler): Azi Dahaka's second trump card, rumored to be capable of destroying one-third of the world, the summoning which condensed the triggering force of Eschatology, its manifestation is a flame Gift. When Azi Dahaka fought Kasukabe You in her Quetzalcoatl form, the clash between them created for hurricanes which could perish all human population in cities and towns plus can destroy the balance of the world. His "Khvarenah" had shown to be capable of overwhelming You's Primordial Flame. Being known as the strongest of lightning fire element "Khvarenah", the abyss of Gehenna can be burned without mercy. He could have killed Leticia even she already became Solar Dragon with this Gift.
  • Dragon's Shadow: Similar to Leticia, Azi Dahaka can create multiple shadow blades from his wings that can cut through enemies into mincemeat at high speed. The shadow blades easily slash Izayoi's body, each blades packed enough power for an instant kill and it can decapitate Izayoi if he didn't dodge quickly. These blades also contained infinite power and they can even slice Kouryuu to shreds. His Dragon's Shadow is much surperior to Leticia's.
  • Star Body: Azi Dahaka can turn himself into stellar form with a movement speed that exceed the starlight.He used this form to dodge Black Rabbit's spear which moving at the Sixth Cosmic Velocity.


  • "Give your all, It's been hundred of years, hero !!!! Exhaust all your strength!!! Muster all your resourcefulness!!! Show me your reckless courage— become a glorious sword that will pierce my heart!!!"
  • "It ended, divine son of the new era. With you——it is not enough to defeat the flag of [ 恶 ]."
  • “This body has crushed everything its eyes beheld ever since its birth. Life, cities, cultures. Societies, achievements, order, crime, public evil, proud justice and hideous depravities. Like a storm, like a tsunami, like a rain of thunder, this body has bared its fangs against everything in existence equally. But I…….am not a “natural disaster”. I am a being that wields the destructions that only a natural disaster should be able to wield, with a single will, and destroys anything by his impulses. That can no longer be called a natural disaster. Inevitably my being, the single word of evil I carry, is the final destination for all hero’s to cross……!”
  • “Rise………Over my dead body is where Justice lies……..!!!!”
  • “There's nothing to be ashamed of... If you don't know, Learn from now on... The tremble you are having now, is in fact... Fear.”


  • Aksara means indestructible in Sanskrit.
  • To defeat Azi Dahaka, one must attack 3 points. Firstly, the Dragon's heads, which got sealed by the Old No Name 200 years ago. Second, it would be the Dragon's shoulder, which got sealed by an unknown person, decreasing the physical ability of the dragon. Lastly, it would be the dragon's heart. Being well protected by the soul status of the dragon, one will have to decrease his soul status.
  • It has been hinted that Azi Dahaka was a human but somehow he turned into a three-headed dragon.
  • Saigou Homura have a connection with Azi Dahaka, though the exact of this connection is still unknown.
  • In the ancient Persia, Avesta is the primary collection of religious texts of Zoroastrianism, composed in the otherwise unrecorded Avestanlanguage.
  • Khvarenah or khwarenah (xᵛarənah) is an Avestan word for a Zoroastrian concept literally denoting "glory" or "splendour" but understood as a divine mystical force or power projected upon and aiding the appointed.
  • His sentence when activated [Avesta] mostly is "Rival and return". An exception was "Dualism construction" when he fought Lunar Dragon and Solar Dragon.