Astral Gate is a portal which enables the teleportation of the users to another Astral Gate location in Little Garden for a fee. The toll of the Astral Gate would be divided amongst the Region Master and the Floor Master and the price of which can be adjusted by the Region Master within the range that the Floor Master has set. (for example, the Floor Master says that the toll can only be from 5silver to 10Gold, the Region Master can set it at any price within that range without flouting the rules)

Unless it is an emergency,, the Astral Gate would only open at specific timings and take some time to complete its activation sequence.

History on the Gate

Due to the system of Floor Master and Region Master being quite a safe implementation, there no longer exist Tyrants who control many Astral Gates and working its inhabitants to death. 

Ok that missed the point totally... the conclusion before the history...

Long before peace was to be found in Little Garden, when it was just created by the Gods and they themselves were fighting amongst each other  for the biggest game to be hosted for The Sun Authorities, the lower levels had been left without protection and free for the Demon Lords to rampage though without mercy. 

By taking control of the Astral Gate Concession pass, they managed to increase the toll fee of the portal to an incredibly high amount to prevent the inhabitant's escape. And it wasn't unusual for the trapped Communities to be worked to death by the Demon Lords in control of the region.

But the [Knights of Little Garden] showed up then and the story of Little Garden was shown a glimmer of hope...[Hence the conclusion as said above.]

Known Astral Gate locations

  • Outer Gate 2105380 Fountain Square
  • Fir Bolg Hill

How to Use

A dull grey metal number plate that is the address of the destination's [Astral Gate] would act as the connector linking up the portal of the entry to the address portal. The traveller must not let go of the address plate or lose it. It is not said what would happen if one let go of the address plate but...we can guess that it wouldn't be a nice thing to try.


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