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AKA The Minotaur

Prince of Crete Island

Biographical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 15
Personal Status
Gift(s) Proto Kervanos
Organization Canaria Foster Home
First Appearance
Light Novel Debut Last Embryo Volume 2

Asterius ( ) is a young teenage boy who took on the form of a Minotaur to attack Homura and Ayato while on Earth. When he returned to Little Garden the minotaur regaind his Human form. After the Gift Game, Homura and Suzuka decided to adopt Asterius into the Canaria Foster Home.


A young boy with tan skin and messy light colored hair.



Saigou Homura -

Ayazato Suzuka -

Kudou Ayato -

Tokuteru Mikado -


Long before Asterius was reincarnated, he was the prince of the Crete Island. Following a ceremony that was held every 9 years which that they have 7 children to act as the living sacrifice for the Minotaur to eat, he was thought to be offered by the king to act as one of the living sacrifice. However the truth is that

There was a spread of the smallpox disease during the era he was in. The people of Crete, who was called Minoans, believes that looks is superior above all else. Thus, with the spread of small pox disease, a large number of Minoans had become disfigured. As the king was thought to be dying after getting caught on to this disease, he ordered to have his son and 6 other kids to be the Martyrdom of his and have 7 living sacrifice to be thrown down to the Labyrinth every nine years with a bluff of sacrificing them to the Minotaur. So Asterius, as the son of the King, was ordered to be Martyrdom along with his father, being the first to be executed. To avoid people knowing that he made his own son a Martyrdom, Asterius' name was changed to Minotaur on his tomb.

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Gifts and Abilities


Proto Keravnos: The strongest weapon out of the weapons hold by the twelve zodiacs. It was able to summon thousands of streams of thunder and are able to store an infinite amount of electricity. Swinging it randomly is strong enough to cleave mountains and split the seas. A single strike from it can surpass the concept of "slash" with ease. Currently the owner of Proto Keravnos is Saigou Homura.



"How is it? What do you know about me! Why am I in a form of a boy!? Aren't I...Aren't I the monster bull of Crete Island----Asterious....!!?"

"...... How is it still remain? City of Knossos, in this era?"

"This hill...... Looks like it has changed a lot"



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